Sunday, February 26, 2006

The NFL Draft

On the NFL Combine Blog, Pat Kirwan writes (no permalink, Feb. 28 12:58 pm entry):
I sat through most of the Saturday morning drills with a GM who told me there were only 12 players at the Combine with a first-round grade when he got here on Thursday. I caught up with him on Sunday morning and he said the list has grown to 14, but was confident it would never get to 20. What does that mean? Look for a number of teams trying to move down from their draft spot if they are not in the top 15.

It's nice to know that looking around at the various mock drafts out there, I saw an upper echelon of maybe 14-18 players, and the rest of the projected first-rounders weren't really deserving of "a first round grade," and that at least somebody who does it for a living agrees with me. Also, Gil Brandt and Mike Mayock are gods among men.