Friday, March 31, 2006

Judging Past Titans Drafts-1999

NOTE: This is a work in progress, and should be treated as such. I'd not planned to debut it until later, but this prompted me to do so. I'll probably find somewhere else to post these in the future.

#1-16 Jevon Kearse, DE, Florida
Previous Pick-Tampa Bay-Anthony McFarland, DT, LSU
Next Pick-New England-Damien Woody, G, Boston College
Previous DL-McFarland, #15
Next DE-1-20-Ebenezer Ekuban, UNC (Dallas)
The Defensive Rookie of the Year in the NFL and a disruptive force from the first time he donned a Titans uniform. This was an outstanding selection.

#2-52 John Thornton, DT, West Virginia
Previous Pick-Arizona-Johnny Rutledge, MLB, Florida
Next Pick-Buffalo-Peerless Price, WR, Tennessee
Previous DT-2-48-Russell Davis, NT, North Carolina (Chicago)
Next DT-2-56-Larry Smith, DT, Florida State (Jacksonville)
Thornton was a valuable part of the defensive line rotation for several years and departed the Titans more because of the cap numbers than because he wasn't very good. He provided good, but not great, value as a second round selection.

#3-81 Zach Piller, G, Florida
Previous Pick-Tampa Bay-Martin Gramatica, K, Kansas state
Next Pick-Seattle-Karsten Bailey, WR, Auburn
Previous G-3-71-Rex Tucker, G, Texas A&M (Florida)
Next G-3-88-Anthony Cesario, G, Colorado State (Jacksonville)
Piller has started since early in his career. Any time you get a player who starts for 5 years in the 3rd round, you've done a good job. Another good pick.

#4-114 Brad Ware, S, Auburn
Previous Pick-Tampa Bay-Dexter Jackson, FS, Florida State
Next Pick-Seattle-Antonio Cochran, DE, Georgia
Previous S-Jackson, #113
Next S-4-126-Johndale Carty, SS, Utah State (Atlanta)
Curse you, Buccaneers! I can't even remember if Ware made the team, and I know he didn't make much of an impact. This is clearly a missed pick.

#4-117 Donald Mitchell, CB, SMU
Previous Pick-Arizona-Joel Mackovicka, FB, Nebraska
Next Pick-Dallas-Wane McGarity, WR, Texas
Previous CB-4-99-Anthony Parker, CB, Weber State (San Francisco)
Next CB-4-120-Kenny Wright, CB, Northwestern State (Minnesota)
Mitchell was a quality special teams player and depth DB for a number of years. That's enough to make this a good pick.

#5-151 Kevin Daft, QB, Utah
Previous Pick-Tampa Bay-John McLaughlin, DE, Cal
Next Pick-Seattle-Charlie Rogers, RB, Georgia Tech
Previous QB-4-131-Aaron Brooks, QB, Virginia (Green Bay)
Next QB-7-227-Michael Bishop, QB, Kansas State (New England)
You know, without Daft on the roster, that clipboard might have fallen to the ground for the time he was with the team. Another missed pick, but neither Bishop nor Scott Covington, the other QB drafted after Daft, did anything, either. The next notable player drafted was maybe NT Kelly Gregg, who went to the Bengals with pick #6-173.

#6-186 Darran Hall, WR, Colorado State
Previous Pick-Minnesota-Talance Sawyer, DT, UNLV
Next Pick-Cleveland-Kenall Ogle, LB, Maryland
Previous WR-#6-171-Tai Streets, WR, Michigan (San Francisco)
Next WR-#6-193-MarTay Jenkins, WR, Nebraska-Omaha (Dallas)
Ok, Streets was probably the next notable player, but since I was going to mention him here, I didn't above. Like Ware and Mitchell, another missed pick, though this may have hurt more, given the Titans WR corps. Donald Driver, taken #213 overall by the Packers, would have been MUCH better. Of course, if the Packer knew that, they might have drafted him before they took Ohio State WR Drew Miller 17 picks before they drafted Driver.

#7-222 Phil Glover, LB, Utah
Previous Pick-Chicago-Sulecio Sanford, WR, MTSU
Next Pick-NY Jets-Ryan Young, T, Kansas State
Previous LB-7-219-Chad Kelsay, OLB, Nebraska (Pittsburgh)
Next LB-7-231-O.J. Childress, LB, Clemson (NY Giants)
Most seventh round draft picks don't leave much, if any, of a footprint on the NFL scene. Glover was one of those guys. Aside from Driver and Hunter Smith, picked 210th, the only good pick was probably Buffalo snagging DE Bryce Fisher with the 248th selection.