Sunday, August 27, 2006

Tennessee @ Denver Game Review

Play by play look until early in the fourth quarter, by which point I was bored and depressed. Hopefully, I'll do something like this for the Atlanta preseason game and any other games I tape. We'll see how it goes.

TEN wins toss, elects to Receive, and DEN elects to defend the South goal.
3-P.Ernster kicks 70 yards from DEN 30 to end zone, Touchback.
Wade received the ball about 8 yards deep and immediately went to a knee. Fast kick, maybe 3.66 seconds from kickoff to Wade. Not enough of a view to see if this was a good decision or not.

Tennessee Titans at 15:00
1-10-TEN 20 (15:00) 7-B.Volek pass short left to 19-B.Wade to TEN 31 for 11 yards (47-J.Lynch). P1
Four WRs, two outside, two slot. Wade is on the outside left and runs a slant in, about a 7 yard route. Makes catch, runs inside. YAC 4.
1-10-TEN 31 (14:26) 7-B.Volek pass short right to 84-B.Troupe to TEN 38 for 7 yards (22-D.Foxworth; 55-DJ.Williams).
2 backs, WR outside left, WR slot left, TE right. Troupe free release, runs 4, stops, falls forward. YAC 3.
2-3-TEN 38 (13:50) 7-B.Volek sacked at TEN 29 for -9 yards (55-DJ.Williams).
2 TE, 2 WR, Brown the RB. Play-action. Max-protect. Overload Titan left, Scaife can’t block 2. Volek slips.
3-12-TEN 29 (13:08) (Shotgun) 7-B.Volek sacked at TEN 22 for -7 yards (97-D.Veal).
Shotgun, 2 WR right-1out, 1 slot, 1 WR left. Volek sacked after Piller loses on Veal, but pocket was collapsing—looks like it should have been a quick throw, but Volek didn’t pull trigger.
4-19-TEN 22 (12:36) 15-C.Hentrich punts 39 yards to DEN 39, Center-58-K.Amato. 13-D.Terrell to DEN 47 for 8 yards (55-S.Tulloch).
Short kick, not much hangtime. Amano, Nickey also in vicinity. More like long 6 than actual 8 yards.

Denver Broncos at 12:17
1-10-DEN 47 (12:17) 16-J.Plummer pass short left to 80-R.Smith to TEN 44 for 9 yards (28-L.Thompson).
PA right, rollout left. Odom, LDE crashed left for run support, BADLY out of position. Easy throw, quick tackle.
2-1-TEN 44 (11:36) 16-J.Plummer scrambles right end to TEN 37 for 7 yards. R1
PA left, rollout right. KVB overpursues, and tries to recover but slips.
1-10-TEN 37 (10:55) 20-M.Bell up the middle to TEN 33 for 4 yards (93-K.Vanden Bosch).
Runs middle, KVB tackle on backside. Hat on hat, Broncos push Titans back.
2-6-TEN 33 (10:17) 16-J.Plummer pass incomplete deep left to 80-R.Smith.
PA right, rollout left. Smith had stepped out of bounds, pass thrown out of bounds. Pacman had decent coverage, plus Hope was over the top. Throwaway, really. Odom overpursued PA again.
3-6-TEN 33 (10:08) 16-J.Plummer pass incomplete to 88-T.Scheffler (50-D.Thornton).
Little window to get the pass in on a slant to the TE. Nice coverage by Thornton.
4-6-TEN 33 (10:05) 16-J.Plummer pass deep left to 87-D.Kircus pushed ob at TEN 17 for 16 yards (28-L.Thompson). P2
Rush 4, dropped 7. A. Harris had Kircus in slot, looked like probably zone. Thompson was over the top, out route. WHY zone on this play?
1-10-TEN 17 (9:40) 20-M.Bell right end to TEN 7 for 10 yards (24-C.Hope). R3
Fake left, toss right. Both WRs ran players off. RDE KVB overpursued, but probably didn’t matter. Formation was heavy left.
1-7-TEN 7 (8:56) 20-M.Bell left guard to TEN 1 for 6 yards (90-R.Starks; 28-L.Thompson).
LBs didn’t get off blocks, there was space to stop him after a yard or two, but they couldn’t.
PENALTY on TEN-93-K.Vanden Bosch, Unnecessary Roughness, 0 yards, enforced at TEN 1. X4
Popped Bell on the pile, apparently. I didn’t see much.
1-1-TEN 1 (8:30) 20-M.Bell up the middle for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN. R5
Up and over. I guess he got in by a nose. Nice elevation, needed somebody to meet him up there. From the replay, it looks like he didn’t get in.
1-J.Elam extra point is GOOD, Center-83-M.Leach, Holder-16-J.Plummer.
TEN 0 DEN 7, 9 plays, 53 yards, 1 penalty, 3:51 drive, 6:34 elapsed
3-P.Ernster kicks 77 yards from DEN 30 to TEN -7. 19-B.Wade to TEN 20 for 27 yards (40-C.Cox).
No more hangtime on this kick than the earlier one (3.75 per my timing), and Wade takes it out. Decent return, but nothing special.

Tennessee Titans at 8:26, (1st play from scrimmage 8:22)
1-10-TEN 20 (8:22) 29-C.Brown left tackle to TEN 25 for 5 yards (29-D.Nash).
1 WR each side, TE Troupe left, Brown deep, FB Hall to CB’s left. Olson pulls, knocks down Nash. Ferguson really gets tackle from behind after getting pushed back by Hall.
2-5-TEN 25 (7:50) 29-C.Brown left guard to TEN 30 for 5 yards (47-J.Lynch). R2
2 WR right-1 outside, 1 slot, WR left, TE right. Good blocks by Mawae, Roos, Piller, CB dives forward for 2 extra yards and first down.
1-10-TEN 30 (7:09) 29-C.Brown right end to TEN 33 for 3 yards (25-N.Ferguson).
2 WR left-1 slot, 1 outside, TE right, Petrowski starts as FB, moves to slot outside of TE and blocks down. Piller pulling. DEN overloaded right side, not a great call. #96 also in on play.
2-7-TEN 33 (6:34) 29-C.Brown right guard to TEN 32 for -1 yards (76-K.Lang).
2 WR right-1 in, 1 out. Offset backfield, TE left. Formation too scrunched up, runs in middle. This team needs to run with more separation. Not necessarily Texas Tech splits, but big. Lang beat Olson badly.
3-8-TEN 32 (5:54) 7-B.Volek pass deep middle intended for 19-B.Wade INTERCEPTED by 25-N.Ferguson at TEN 49. 25-N.Ferguson to TEN 44 for 5 yards (19-B.Wade).
3 WR-2 left, 1 right, Petrowski off RT, CB in backfield. Straight throw for Wade, who started in slot and ran probably a post. Wade slipped, but multiple defenders in area. Looks like a bad decision by Volek. Bennett ran out left, looked open, or at least space to throw it in front of Lynch.

Denver Broncos at 5:45
1-10-TEN 44 (5:45) 26-T.Bell left end to TEN 35 for 9 yards (53-K.Bulluck).
Can Odom PLEASE not fall for EVERY fake? Head right, toss to Bell deep setback running left. Counter-pitch. PAINFUL.
2-1-TEN 35 (5:04) 26-T.Bell left tackle to TEN 35 for no gain (98-A.Odom).
Ran at Odom, double-teamed, but stood his ground and did very well. Nice play. Odom shaken up on play after slipping on turf.
3-1-TEN 35 (4:35) 26-T.Bell left end pushed ob at TEN 35 for no gain (32-A.Jones).
Ran into a whole passel of Titans. Sirmon had a chance in backfield for a loss of 3, but just pushed him outside. Bulluck there with Pacman.
Timeout #1 by DEN at 04:07.
4-1-TEN 35 (4:07) 16-J.Plummer pass to 89-N.Jackson for 35 yards, TOUCHDOWN. P6
Came out 1 WR, 3 TE, 1 RB before TO, same formation after. Jackson slips out at TE in left. Plummer moves right, rolls left. Thompson was closest, but slipped trying to recover. Really, 2nd TE could have made catch for first down too. The Bronco field management here was CRIMINALLY AWFUL.
1-J.Elam extra point is GOOD, Center-83-M.Leach, Holder-16-J.Plummer.
TEN 0 DEN 14, 4 plays, 44 yards, 1:46 drive, 11:01 elapsed
3-P.Ernster kicks 70 yards from DEN 30 to end zone, Touchback.
Longer kick, 4.14 hang time. Maybe only 4 yards deep. Probably a good decision.

Tennessee Titans at 3:59
1-10-TEN 20 (3:59) 7-B.Volek sacked at TEN 13 for -7 yards (97-D.Veal).
2 TE, 1 WR out each side, CB. Protection left, but Volek fakes left and moves right. Bell and Piller move too far left?
2-17-TEN 13 (3:27) 29-C.Brown right guard to TEN 16 for 3 yards (91-E.Ekuban; 76-K.Lang).
2 WR out, TE in left, Scaife slot right, CB. Tackle really made by Lang from the backside. Roos ran right past Lang to move downfield, ended up not really blocking anybody.
3-14-TEN 16 (2:47) 7-B.Volek pass short left to 29-C.Brown to TEN 34 for 18 yards (47-J.Lynch). P3
2 WR right-1 in, 1 slot, TE right, 1 WR left, CB. “Screen” left to CB, Mawae really the only guy, but showed nice mobility. Good play by CB, Drew in the way.
1-10-TEN 34 (2:13) 29-C.Brown right guard to TEN 39 for 5 yards (76-K.Lang).
2 WR left, TE right, WR right, CB. Big hole in center at start, blew Broncos off line.
2-5-TEN 39 (1:47) (No Huddle) 7-B.Volek pass short right to 80-B.Scaife to DEN 46 for 15 yards (41-K.Paymah). P4
2 WR left, TE right, WR right, TH singleback. Fake to TH left, roll right. Scaife gets about 9 YAC. Nice to see some turnabout is fair play.
1-10-DEN 46 (1:08) (No Huddle) 20-T.Henry right tackle to DEN 42 for 4 yards (55-DJ.Williams, 76-K.Lang).
2 WR left, TE right, WR right, TH 7 deep. Right at RT.
2-6-DEN 42 (:26) (No Huddle) 7-B.Volek pass short middle to 19-B.Wade to DEN 30 for 12 yards. P5
Same formation. Wade with quick slant, runs toward middle. Nice move to make 1 guy miss, maybe 5 YAC.

1-10-DEN 30 (15:00) 7-B.Volek pass incomplete deep right to 86-R.Williams.
TE in right, Roydell right, TE off LT, WR at nos. left, TH. Deep pass for Roydell, overthrown.
2-10-DEN 30 (14:55) 7-B.Volek pass short middle to 83-D.Bennett to DEN 23 for 7 yards (55-DJ.Williams).
2 WR left-slot, out. TE right. FB offset right, TH. PA to TH, good block by TH. Drew starts left, runs way in, but can’t run past Williams.
3-3-DEN 23 (14:12) 7-B.Volek pass incomplete short right to 86-R.Williams.
2 WR left, TE left, WR right. Roydell right. Roydell was in, Volek was outside. Maybe a slip on an out route.
4-3-DEN 23 (14:08) 2-R.Bironas 41 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-58-K.Amato, Holder-15-C.Hentrich.
TEN 3 DEN 14, 11 plays, 57 yards, 4:56 drive, 0:57 elapsed
2-R.Bironas kicks 70 yards from TEN 30 to end zone, Touchback.
6 yards deep in end zone, hang time 4.12. Trouble handling KO by Terrell, good decision not to take it out.

Denver Broncos at 14:03
1-10-DEN 20 (14:03) 16-J.Plummer pass short left to 80-R.Smith to DEN 37 for 17 yards (32-A.Jones). P7
Good coverage by Pacman, but Rod Smith is really good. Post route. Pass almost far enough for Pac to rip it out, but not quite.
1-10-DEN 37 (13:29) 20-M.Bell right guard to DEN 39 for 2 yards (90-R.Starks).
KVB also in on play.
PENALTY on DEN-78-M.Lepsis, Clipping, 15 yards, enforced at DEN 37 - No Play.
NASTY cut block on Lepsis, who just dove Clauss’s knee. If Clauss had been more engaged, this could have killed his knee.
1-25-DEN 22 (13:03) 20-M.Bell right tackle to DEN 34 for 12 yards (24-C.Hope).
The Red Sea parted. Nicely blocked, Sirmon couldn’t get there. Hope and Hill might’ve been able to make tackle faster.
2-13-DEN 34 (12:22) 16-J.Plummer pass middle to 20-M.Bell to DEN 36 for 2 yards (50-D.Thornton).
Bell as a dumpoff, everybody downfield covered, tackled quickly.
PENALTY on TEN-53-K.Bulluck, Illegal Contact, 5 yards, enforced at DEN 34 - No Play. X8
Wasn’t visible on screen.
1-10-DEN 39 (11:53) 16-J.Plummer pass short right to 39-K.Johnson pushed ob at DEN 47 for 8 yards (59-P.Sirmon).
See Bo Scaife play above, with less YAC. Quote of the night: “I don’t believe the Tennessee Titans have ever seen a counter play, because they have not covered a single one.”
2-2-DEN 47 (11:18) 20-M.Bell right tackle pushed ob at TEN 19 for 34 yards (28-L.Thompson). R9
Nice blocking, nice run. Bell ran out of bounds himself more than he was pushed out by Thompson. Sirmon had the only real chance, but he was blocked by an OG.
1-10-TEN 19 (10:44) 26-T.Bell right tackle to TEN 13 for 6 yards (95-B.Schobel).
Nice to see Schobel actually do something (sic). Just getting beat at the point of attack hat on hat.
2-4-TEN 13 (10:04) 16-J.Plummer pass short left to 80-R.Smith to TEN 1 for 12 yards (59-P.Sirmon). P10
Plummer rollout left, pass to Smith who started as sole WR right (2 WR left). Pac was in zone guarding Plummer maybe? Was near Sirmon, couldn’t tell where he started.
1-1-TEN 1 (9:19) 16-J.Plummer right end pushed ob at TEN 2 for -1 yards (50-D.Thornton).
Plummer’s indecisiveness showed through, tried a late shovel.
2-2-TEN 2 (8:44) 20-M.Bell right guard to TEN 1 for 1 yard (96-J.Clauss).
Jump over. Clauss came up to make a good play. Too far away to jump, really. Tulloch also there in support.
3-1-TEN 1 (8:05) 20-M.Bell right guard to TEN 1 for no gain (53-K.Bulluck).
Titans line held, and Bulluck came up well in support to stop the second effort.
4-1-TEN 1 (7:23) 20-M.Bell right tackle for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN. R11
Runs through Sirmon’s arm tackle. This is really a play Sirmon needs to make. Kassell might’ve made this, even if he isn’t mobile.
1-J.Elam extra point is GOOD, Center-83-M.Leach, Holder-16-J.Plummer.
TEN 3 DEN 21, 10 plays, 80 yards, 1 penalty, 6:44 drive, 7:41 elapsed
3-P.Ernster kicks 70 yards from DEN 30 to TEN 0. 19-B.Wade to TEN 27 for 27 yards (42-S.Brandon).
4.25 hangtime, good decision to bring it out, decent return.

Tennessee Titans at 7:19, (1st play from scrimmage 7:12)
1-10-TEN 27 (7:12) 20-T.Henry right end to TEN 29 for 2 yards (42-S.Brandon).
2 WR, I formation, Roby moves left where TE is. TH had space going right and would have had probably 5+ more yards if he hadn’t been tackled by the face mask. Bell was slow getting to 2nd level from RT, else would’ve been even more if no face mask.
PENALTY on DEN-42-S.Brandon, Face Mask (15 Yards), 15 yards, enforced at TEN 29. X6
Obvious call.
1-10-TEN 44 (6:49) 20-T.Henry left end to TEN 48 for 4 yards (97-D.Veal).
2 WR right, WR left,TE left TH singleback
2-6-TEN 48 (6:05) 10-V.Young pass incomplete short right to 82-C.Roby.
2 WR left, TE right, WR right, TE singleback. Miscommunication with Roby, who run a go, while Young was looking for about an 8 yard slant or quick in.
3-6-TEN 48 (6:02) 10-V.Young pass short right to 80-B.Scaife to DEN 42 for 10 yards (40-C.Cox). P7
Same formation, Scaife runs a flat as Roby runs an in to screen off the defenders. Not OPI, good timing. YAC about 6.
1-10-DEN 42 (5:33) 20-T.Henry up the middle to DEN 40 for 2 yards (97-D.Veal).
2 WR left, TE right, offset I left, TH deep. Piller went to 2nd level too fast, released Veal. Maybe CB is faster to the hole, but starting 7 deep, you can’t do that.
2-8-DEN 40 (4:57) 10-V.Young pass short right to 84-B.Troupe to DEN 35 for 5 yards (53-L.Green).
WR moves left, 2 WR left, TE right, WR right, TH. RDE free releases on VY rollout, maybe forced early throw to Troupe in right flat. YAC 2.
3-3-DEN 35 (4:30) (No Huddle) 10-V.Young pass incomplete short right to 82-C.Roby.
Same formation. VY moves left, rolls right, avoids RDE. Throws for Roby on sideline comeback. Pass not quite far enough, too much sideline.
4-3-DEN 35 (4:25) 10-V.Young pass incomplete short left to 82-C.Roby (42-S.Brandon) [76-K.Lang].
Same formation. Lang free released. Scaife released off line. VY hit Scaife in hands at 30..

Denver Broncos at 4:21
1-10-DEN 35 (4:21) 6-J.Cutler pass incomplete short left to 82-S.Alexander (95-B.Schobel).
Pass deflected by Clauss, intended for Walker probably.
2-10-DEN 35 (4:18) 26-T.Bell left tackle to DEN 35 for no gain (95-B.Schobel).
3-10-DEN 35 (3:39) 6-J.Cutler pass deep right to 14-T.Devoe to TEN 44 for 21 yards (41-A.Harris). P12
Reynaldo. Thanks.
PENALTY on TEN-94-J.Mahelona, Face Mask (15 Yards), 15 yards, enforced at TEN 44. X13
Didn’t see this. Schobel couldn’t beat Scheffler.
1-10-TEN 29 (3:07) 6-J.Cutler pass incomplete deep left to 88-T.Scheffler.
Pac and Hope with good coverage. Starks with good push inside, helped by RDE (Schobel?)
2-10-TEN 29 (3:02) 6-J.Cutler pass incomplete short left to 88-T.Scheffler.
Screen, dropped. Bulluck was there, with OL. DE #77 (Conover?) didn’t sniff it out.
3-10-TEN 29 (2:57) 6-J.Cutler sacked at TEN 36 for -7 yards (93-K.Vanden Bosch).
KVB was a hair early, but Bulluck was there.
PENALTY on TEN-93-K.Vanden Bosch, Defensive Offside, 5 yards, enforced at TEN 29 - No Play.
Lined up in the neutral zone. Bad, STUPID play by KVB to extend a drive.
3-5-TEN 24 (2:32) 6-J.Cutler pass incomplete middle to 82-S.Alexander.
PENALTY on TEN-50-D.Thornton, Defensive Pass Interference, 9 yards, enforced at TEN 24 - No Play. X14
Lazy play by Thornton. This probably wasn’t a completion. DUMB, DUMB play. From the replay, maybe he had space inside, but I still think this was lazy.
1-10-TEN 15 (2:29) 26-T.Bell right guard to TEN 4 for 11 yards (53-K.Bulluck). R15
Sirmon and Thornton go too far, Bell doesn’t go far right. Ball came out after Bell was down. Thompson also in on tackle.
Two-Minute Warning
1-4-TEN 4 (2:00) 26-T.Bell left end pushed ob at TEN 6 for -2 yards (53-K.Bulluck).
Counter toss and Bulluck sniffs it out wonderfully. Had a shot at him at 10 yard line, Bell was able to string it out and reduce loss. LT in support.
Penalty on DEN-13-D.Terrell, Unnecessary Roughness, offsetting. Penalty on TEN-32-A.Jones, Personal Foul, offsetting.
Didn’t see what Pac did. Terrell was aggressive in blocking.
2-6-TEN 6 (1:49) 6-J.Cutler pass short right to 88-T.Scheffler for 6 yards, TOUCHDOWN. P16
Hope had good coverage, but a good throw and good catch. TE Scheffler lined up in slot.
1-J.Elam extra point is GOOD, Center-83-M.Leach, Holder-16-J.Plummer.
TEN 3 DEN 28, 8 plays, 65 yards, 3 penalties, 2:37 drive, 13:16 elapsed
3-P.Ernster kicks 61 yards from DEN 30 to TEN 9. 19-B.Wade to TEN 26 for 17 yards (51-K.Burns).
Line drive kick, 3.25 seconds “hang” time. Wade fumbled kick, tripped up easily. This should’ve been a MUCH better return.

Tennessee Titans at 1:44, (1st play from scrimmage 1:39)
1-10-TEN 26 (1:39) 10-V.Young pass incomplete short right to 86-R.Williams.
2 WR left, TE left, WR right, singleback. Roydell open right about 9 yards downfield, VY missed him badly.
2-10-TEN 26 (1:34) (Shotgun) 10-V.Young to TEN 17 for -9 yards. FUMBLES, and recovers at TEN 30. 10-V.Young ran ob at TEN 30 for no gain.
4 WR, TH to VY’s right. VY drops snap, recovers quickly but didn’t see a great place to go. TH was short right where VY ran, but running was better decision probably.
3-6-TEN 30 (1:27) (Shotgun) 10-V.Young pass incomplete short left to 86-R.Williams (40-C.Cox).
Same formation. Bad place to throw the ball, quick out way outside opposite side of field. Cox came from underneath and should have had an interception.
4-6-TEN 30 (1:23) 15-C.Hentrich punts 70 yards to end zone, Center-58-K.Amato, Touchback.
Nice punt. About 62 yards in the air. I bet CH likes Denver.

Denver Broncos at 1:14
1-10-DEN 20 (1:14) 20-M.Bell up the middle to DEN 24 for 4 yards (53-K.Bulluck).
NICE ankletackle by Bulluck.
2-6-DEN 24 (:53) (No Huddle) 6-J.Cutler pass deep middle to 88-T.Scheffler to DEN 49 for 25 yards (24-C.Hope). P17
Spot in zone, past Thornton into KB’s area but past him and under Hope.
Timeout #2 by DEN at 00:49.
1-10-DEN 49 (:49) 6-J.Cutler pass short middle to 88-T.Scheffler to TEN 39 for 12 yards (23-D.Nickey; 53-K.Bulluck). P18
Hope, not Nickey.
1-10-TEN 39 (:30) 6-J.Cutler pass incomplete short right to 14-T.Devoe.
Hey, Reynaldo didn’t give up a completion. For once.
2-10-TEN 39 (:29) 6-J.Cutler pass short middle to 20-M.Bell to TEN 34 for 5 yards (50-D.Thornton).
3-5-TEN 34 (:09) 6-J.Cutler pass incomplete deep middle to 88-T.Scheffler (41-A.Harris).
Pressure by Schobel. Spot open, overthrown.
4-5-TEN 34 (:07) 1-J.Elam 51 yard field goal is No Good, Wide Right, Center-83-M.Leach, Holder-16-J.Plummer.

Tennessee Titans at 0:01
1-10-TEN 42 (:01) Change of direction. 10-V.Young kneels to TEN 41 for -1 yards.

1-10-DEN 35 (14:54) 29-D.Nash up the middle to DEN 41 for 6 yards (77-S.Conover).
2-4-DEN 41 (14:12) 29-D.Nash up the middle to DEN 47 for 6 yards (51-R.Reynolds). R19
1-10-DEN 47 (13:30) 29-D.Nash right guard to TEN 48 for 5 yards (55-S.Tulloch; 94-J.Mahelona).
2-5-TEN 48 (12:48) 29-D.Nash right tackle to TEN 45 for 3 yards (94-J.Mahelona).
3-2-TEN 45 (12:07) 6-J.Cutler pass deep left to 88-T.Scheffler to TEN 15 for 30 yards (47-C.Allred, 22-V.Fuller). P20
Fuller was AWFUL. This drive SUCKS. Conover and Reynolds blew arm tackles of Nash.
Timeout #1 by DEN at 11:23.
1-10-TEN 15 (11:23) 6-J.Cutler pass incomplete short right to 82-S.Alexander.
Nickey with good coverage.
2-10-TEN 15 (11:18) 29-D.Nash up the middle to TEN 1 for 14 yards (22-V.Fuller). R21

Conover and Nickey blew tackles.
1-1-TEN 1 (10:31) 29-D.Nash right guard for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN. R22
Tulloch blew this tackle, should’ve stopped him. At least this drive is freakin’ over.
1-J.Elam extra point is GOOD, Center-83-M.Leach, Holder-6-J.Cutler.
TEN 3 DEN 35, 8 plays, 65 yards, 4:33 drive, 4:33 elapsed
3-P.Ernster kicks 70 yards from DEN 30 to end zone, Touchback.
8 yards deep, Roby to receive. Only 3.64 hang time. Payton told him to kneel.

Tennessee Titans at 10:27
1-10-TEN 20 (10:27) 25-L.White right guard to TEN 23 for 3 yards (58-N.Webster).
Nice run, carrying defenders, going forward.
2-7-TEN 23 (9:51) 25-L.White right end to TEN 23 for no gain (42-S.Brandon).
Going forward again, moving right in some space. Looks good at 227#. Not sure he gets the corner without the hold, though. Clearly not a speed back.
PENALTY on TEN-49B-J.Petrowski, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at TEN 23 - No Play.
2-17-TEN 13 (9:27) 10-V.Young pass incomplete short right to 25-L.White (60-J.Engelberger).
Screen for White, tipped. Room to run, it looked. Could’ve been caught, but would’ve been tough.
3-17-TEN 13 (9:21) (Shotgun) 10-V.Young pass incomplete deep right to 82-C.Roby (41-K.Paymah).
Nice play by Paymah. There was space, VY put it in a good place but not a perfect one. VY was rolling and bought some time.
4-17-TEN 13 (9:14) 15-C.Hentrich punts 54 yards to DEN 33, Center-58-K.Amato. 87-D.Kircus to DEN 42 for 9 yards (33-J.Payton).
Payton was downfield first, missed tackle he could’ve made, gave Kircus maybe 6-8 yards.

Denver Broncos at 9:02
1-10-DEN 42 (9:02) 29-D.Nash up the middle to DEN 44 for 2 yards (67W-C.Herring).
2-8-DEN 44 (8:25) 29-D.Nash right guard to DEN 47 for 3 yards (55-S.Tulloch; 39-C.Finnegan).
Nice tackle by Tulloch.
3-5-DEN 47 (7:49) 29-D.Nash right guard to TEN 48 for 5 yards (55-S.Tulloch). R23
And he gives it back by failing to make a stop. This “tackle” is a gift.
1-10-TEN 48 (7:49) 29-D.Nash left guard to TEN 42 for 6 yards (55-S.Tulloch).
Conover joins party, loses contain. Good tackle by Tulloch.
2-4-TEN 42 (6:31) 29-D.Nash left end to TEN 32 for 10 yards (62B-C.Douglas).
Counter toss. The hold gave him maybe 8 extra yards. Couldn’t see who the CB Devoe held was-Nickey?
PENALTY on DEN-14-T.Devoe, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at TEN 32.
2-4-TEN 42 (6:07) 34-C.Cobbs right guard to TEN 37 for 5 yards (77-S.Conover). R24
Nice to see it’s not just Bell, Bell, and Nash who can run on us. Conover tackle was from behind after he ran past him.
1-10-TEN 37 (5:25) 34-C.Cobbs left guard to TEN 26 for 11 yards (22-V.Fuller; 37-C.Lowry). R25
4 extra yards-just a toughness issue. Gad, we suck.
1-10-TEN 26 (4:42) 34-C.Cobbs left end pushed ob at TEN 22 for 4 yards (51-R.Reynolds).
See previous play, bounced outside. Nickey smacks his head in, but didn’t get to the ball carrier. Holding on Finnegan, Eddie George didn’t like the call, then changed his mind.
PENALTY on DEN-14-T.Devoe, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at TEN 22.
1-16-TEN 32 (4:18) PENALTY on DEN-77-D.Carswell, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at TEN 32 - No Play.
1-21-TEN 37 (3:57) 29-D.Nash up the middle to TEN 28 for 9 yards (55-S.Tulloch).
Conover out of position, Reynolds misses tackle.
2-12-TEN 28 (3:22) 29-D.Nash up the middle to TEN 27 for 1 yard (73W-J.Littlejohn). DEN-29-D.Nash was injured during the play.
Littlejohn stayed in position, or maybe he just couldn’t get off his block. Still, prevented the bounce out.
3-11-TEN 27 (2:47) 34-C.Cobbs right tackle to TEN 22 for 5 yards (23-D.Nickey; 55-S.Tulloch).
5 yards too many. Nickey should’ve had him earlier.
4-6-TEN 22 (2:10) 34-C.Cobbs left tackle to TEN 20 for 2 yards (55-S.Tulloch).
Good tackle by Tulloch. Mahelona was held, else he might’ve made play 4 yards back.
Penalty on DEN-73-C.Kuper, Offensive Holding, declined.

Tennessee Titans at 2:04
1-10-TEN 20 (2:04) 10-V.Young pass incomplete short left to 82-C.Roby [40-C.Cox].
Quick slant, short-hopped the ball. Pressure on a quick drop. Roydell also in the area.
2-10-TEN 20 (2:01) 25-L.White right end to TEN 25 for 5 yards (58-N.Webster; 60-J.Engelberger).
White is looking good. Running forward.
3-5-TEN 25 (1:23) 10-V.Young pass short right to 82-C.Roby to TEN 41 for 16 yards (41-K.Paymah). P8
Really more like medium right, 10-12 downfield. Open, good throw, nice out route, good first down.
1-10-TEN 41 (:54) 10-V.Young scrambles left end ran ob at TEN 44 for 3 yards.
I formation for a change, rolls right, didn’t see a place he wanted to throw the ball.
2-7-TEN 44 (:22) 25-L.White right guard to 50 for 6 yards (94-A.Gordon, 95-K.Vaughn).
If White always runs like this, I’ll have to eat crow. Hard running.
Score Time First Downs Efficiences
Quarter Summary Poss R P X T 3Down 4Down
Tennessee Titans 3 3:29 0 1 0 1 1/2 0/0
Denver Broncos 35 11:31 6 1 0 7 2/3 0/1
Tennessee Titans vs Denver Broncos at Invesco Field at Mile High
4th Quarter

Tennessee Titans continued.
3-1-50 (15:00) 25-L.White right end to 50 for no gain (93-A.Burton; 94-A.Gordon).
Line didn’t create separation, White ran forward to get back to line of scrimmage.
4-1-50 (14:19) 25-L.White up the middle to DEN 47 for 3 yards (53-L.Green, 93-A.Burton). R9
Good running play.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Titans Update

The Tennesee Titans had their first preseason game last night, and fell to the New Orleans Saints 19-16. While I have not yet watched the replay of the game, which aired this afternoon on the NFL Network, it seems like an opportune time to update my roster prediction, particularly since preparation for the games means the first part of training camp, that held at Austin Peay, is over. Damien Nash, 5th round draft pick last year, showed up out of shape and didn't seem really receptive to the message that he was 10 pounds heavier than he should have been, and got cut. This means he won't make the team, despite my prediction. I can't see the Titans only taking 3 backs, so I believe Quinton Ganther will be the recipient of Nash's roster spot, based on special teams play and his ability to play either RB or FB. At WR, I'm ready to swallow the Kool-Aid; Bobby Wade seems to have earned an NFL job. He's been one of the worst WRs in football over the past 3 years. He provided less value per play last year than did Baltimore's Corey Moore, who only caught one-sixth(!) of his passes. Let me repeat that: Corey Moore, who didn't catch 83% of the balls thrown to him, was a more valuable, productive receiver than Bobby Wade. Note that this doesn't take into account Wade fumbled three punts. In the same game. Yes, it was windy that day, but it wasn't an actual hurricane. With 5 WR who are going to make the team (Bennett, Givens, and last year's 3 rookies), I need to find a roster space. That space probably comes at the expense of tight end Gregg Guenther. This shift was part of the reason I projected Ganther to make the team, as one less TE means one more slot for somebody to block from.

On the defensive side of the ball, DT Rien Long was lost for the year with an injury in training camp. He was a valuable guy, but thankfully it won't have the same impact the Peter Sirmon ACL injury did. The drafting of Jesse Mahelona left them with 5 DT who probably deserve to make the team, but with Long's injury that drops to 4. Since Long won't count against the 53 man roster, that creates an extra spot for me. At LB, my Rob Reynolds optimism seems misguided, as he's behind rookie draft pick Stephen Tulloch according to all reports. Subject to preseason game review, I also expect Peter Sirmon to make the team, not leave it in a trade or get cut. This makes Cody Spencer the odd man out. In the secondary, I totally flubbed the Justin Sandy pick, as he was cut before training camp started. My Marcus Randall optimism also seems misguided, as the positional change to LB seems legit, meaning no shot as a DB/special teams dynamo. This opens up a spot for Keon Raymond to make the team as an undrafted free agent at CB. And it looks like I miscounted last time, and am now at 53 players.

Naturally, I'll probably update this between now and cutdown day, like when I've watched a preseason game or two and when rosters get cut down to 65, plus a final report when we know the final 53. But for now, that's my new story, and I'll stick to it until I find a new one. And, yes, comments from Pro Football Prospectus 2006 should be coming soon.