Saturday, September 09, 2006

Titans Update

Blogging hiatus lately, for which I have no other "excuse" than "I had other things I liked doing better at the time." Anyway, it's time for my review of how I did with my predictions for the Tennesee Titans' roster. For the record, here was my initial predictions, and my additional comments were here, made after the first preseason game. Now, a look at the roster as it stands before tomorrow's game against the Jets.

Quarterbacks: Kerry Collins, Billy Volek, Vince Young
2 of the 3. I had Matt Mauck, but if I'd known Kerry Collins was going to be picked up, I'd have had this right. Ditching Mauck was not a particularly surprising move, as he hadn't shown enough to be regarded as a reliable NFL backup. Collins was a high-profile guy to bring in, and is the presumptive starter in tomorrow's game. Volek, naturally, figured the starting role was his and didn't like this move. I hope to write more on the QB issue after tomorrow's game.

Running backs: Ahmard Hall, Chris Brown, Travis Henry, LenDale White
Here's where I missed a positional issue. I thought they'd keep 3 RBs, no FB, and 4 TEs. Ahmard Hall beat out Troy Fleming to be the FB, and probably special teams guy. I'd expect him to play no more than 40% of the time.

Tight ends: Erron Kinney, Bo Scaife, Ben Troupe, Casey Cramer
3 of 4 here. Gregg Guenther was injured in preseason and apparently never got to NFL health. Cramer was on the Titans practice squad in 2004 and spent 2004 and 2005 with the Carolina Panthers. He was cut on the cutdown to 53 men, and the Titans claimed him off of waivers, so Guenther was out of town. Kinney is injured, but should be back soon.

Wide receivers: Drew Bennett, David Givens, Brandon Jones, Courtney Roby, Roydell Williams, Bobby Wade, Jonathan Orr
Whoa, boy, they kept 7. I was initially a Wade doubter, but he did look reasonably impressive as a slot guy. Hopefully he's turned over a new leaf and will be a good player for the Titans. Jones is still recovering from an ACL injury, though he did take a short pass 54 yards for a TD in the 4th preseason game, against Green Bay. I'd expect no more than 5 of the 7 to be part of the 45-man active roster for games.

Offensive linemen: Benji Olson, Zach Piller, Jacob Bell, David Stewart, Michael Roos, Daniel Loper, Eugene Amano, Kevin Mawae
Nothing the least bit surprising or interesting here, aside from who will start at RT tomorrow. Probably Bell, though his long term future is at G, with Loper or Stewart manning the RT spot.

Special teams: Ken Amato, Craig Hentrich, Rob Bironas
Almost as interesting as offensive line, except without any uncertainty!

Defensive line: Kyle Vanden Bosch, Antwan Odom, Travis LaBoy, Josh Savage, Albert Haynesworth, Robaire Smith, Randy Starks, Jesse Mahelona
The place with the greatest position for turmoil. Rien Long was hurt, so he doesn't count against the 53-man, even though he's still on the team. KVB, Odom, LaBoy, Haynesworth, Starks were easy picks. Mahelona beat out Clauss, who made the initial grade but was cut when Josh Savage was picked up off waivers. Also cut at waiver time was DE Bo Schobel. DeQuincey Scott was originally the 8th DL, but he failed a physical and the Houston Texas cut Robaire Smith. Smith was a great draft pick for the Titans in the 6th round, and cashed in at free agency with the Texans. He got caught with too big a salary for his productivity, and the Titans snagged him. He seems to be a guy who really responded to Titans DL coach Jim Washburn, and hopefully will join Haynesworth in the middle to form a very good DT pair.

Linebackers: Keith Bulluck, Peter Sirmon, Rob Reynolds, David Thornton, Stephen Tulloch, Colby Buckwoldt
5 of 6 here. Terna Nande, 5th round pick out of Miami (OH) didn't show enough during camp to make the 53-man, but did make the practice squad. 7th pick Spencter Toone beat out Nande, but was cut and added to the practice squad when Colby Buckwoldt became available after the Saints cuts.

Defensive backs: Donnie Nickey, Lamont Thompson, Vincent Fuller, Chris Hope, Calvin Lowry, Cortland Finnegan, Andre Woolfolk, Michael Waddell, Reynaldo Hill, Pacman Jones, Eric King
Keeping with the theme, Eric King was a waiver wire pickup, replacing Rich Gardner. Aside from King, no surprises at all. Oh, and Marcus Randall didn't make the team here; that was a dumb pick on my part, choosing a guy who had changed positions twice to make the team.

One issue: I'm counting 54 players. With a 53-man roster. No wonder my position totals were off. I'm confused. Anyway, I think I did a reasonable job of predictions. I'd write more, like I did with last year's analysis, but now isn't the time.

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