Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Upon Further Review: NYG@TEN

On November 26, 2006, the Titans beat the New York Giants, 24-21. This is a play-by-play look at each Titans' offensive play for the game. Note that because of advancements in UFR, this is different than what was originally up here--as of 7/22/07, only the first half is up. The rest of the game, including a revised 4th quarter, should be up tomorrow.

T26110I-Form, 3-WRPass6WadeSmoke
A rare 0-TE set from the Titans to start the game. This is an immediate throw (smoke route) to Bobby Wade, who's in the slot on the right side, to let him run in space. Jones is the other WR on that side, and the CB on that side lines up by him--no CB directly over Wade, or this throw hopefully doesn't get made. The Giants are able to converge on Wade, but not before he gets 6 yards. (CA)
T3224Weak IRun1HenryLeft Tackle
Run weakside. Barry Cofield does a good job to beat Bell at the snap and push him into the backfield, forcing Henry to run laterally before turning upfield. This lets the defense flow to that side and limit Henry to a gain of 1.
T33332-TE StrongPass8JonesScramble Drill
Almost a Trips Right look for the Titans, as Jones is playing over the TE and Scaife moves from left to right to join him. William Joseph gets a good rush, and VY is flushed from the pocket. LB Pierce has Jones covered at the start, but when VY moves outside the pocket moves to cover the scramble, leaving Jones open. After that, good job by VY and Jones to pick up the first down. In terms of degree of difficulty of the throw, (DO) is inflated, but I think it's justified because of the overall decree of difficulty of the play. For the record, Joseph gets into the backfield so quickly because he's lined up outside, over the TE and Stewart doesn't get out to block him, and he's too big for Henry to do alone.
T41110Strong I, 2-TE StrongPassIncBennettOut
VY bootlegs after play-action. Joseph stays at home, so VY throws it to Bennett 9 yards downfield. Who absolutely stiff-arms the ball. Flat out drop. (CA)
Run up the middle, blah. The blocking on this play flat-out sucks, as Olson and Stewart double-team Joseph while Mawae blocks Barry Cofield. Uh, guys, there's Fred Robbins between you, and he has a clear lane into the backfield. Hall does what he can with him and Henry puts his head down and runs, and does well just to get back to the LOS.
T41310Shotgun Split Backs 3-WRPass7YoungScramble
Scaife is one of the split backs, so this isn't another 0-TE formation. Jints rush 4, but they manage to get some pressure with just those. Henry and Scaife stayed in, and they're sort of flanking VY, running downfield as he does. VY looks could have passed to them, and I think it would've been a better option, but I /think/ he lost track of whether he was over the LOS or not and kept it himself. The Giants actually had players where VY was in the middle of the field, and his chance of making it past the 1D marker himself was slim. (SCR)
Drive Notes: Drops suck. Also, the Titans o-line was losing 1v1 battles AND not reacting well scheme-wise. This was not an auspicious start to the game.
T401102-TE StrongPass9JonesStop
Jones lines up outside strong, runs 9 yards downfield, and turns around. The pass is a little behind him, but he's able to make the grab. (CA)
T49213-WR, Slot StrongRun1-fumbleHenryIso
Blah, short run left side. I'm not a great fan of this playcall, because the Jints D can just read and react, but it's sufficient to convert a 2&1 if only that. Problem is, Henry gets stripped of the ball.
Drive Notes: Turnovers are bad, mmkay? The Giants take this one and convert it into a 7-0 lead.
T261102-TE StrongRun0HenryRight Tackle
Short run right strong side. Again, the Giants D-line is at least holding their own in most 1v1 battles, making it difficult to run the ball successfully. Fox commentator: "Henry's first carry since his fumble." Uh, no kidding? It's not like the Titans run 37 plays between the fumble and this carry.
T26210Shotgun 4-WRPass-5YoungSack
See above re Giants winning 1v1 battles. Pierce gets the sack, but that's garbage. Kiwanuka made the play to get to VY first, and Pierce is just in the right place at the right time. VY look and had a quick chance to throw the ball away, but didn't see anything he liked and ends up eating it. (PR)
T21315Shotgun StrongPass7HenryCheckdown
The Giants have 3 down linemen, so Scaife gets a chip before running his pattern and Henry stays in to block at first before going out on a route. VY dumps it to him 4 yards downfield on a safe pass, and he gets nowhere near the first down marker. I suspect where this throw went was strongly influenced by the failures of the Titans' O-line to this point in the game. (CA)
Drive Notes: If you can't block the other team, it's difficult to have success running or passing.
VY sticks the handoff into White's belly and White never has the ball. It's completely bogus that VY is credited with the fumble on this play, as the fault was White's.
Drive Notes: Turnovers are still bad, mmkay? Having just gone down 14-0, the last thing the Titans needed was a turnover deep in their own zone.
T31110I-Form, 3-WRPass9HallFlat
Playaction, then VY with a short pass to Hall in the flat. He sidesteps SS Wilson's tackle, and does well to get 9 yards. (CA)
T4021I-Form, 2-WR WeakRun4HallFB Blast
Quick handoff to Hall, and he gets a few yards up the middle. Good change of pace play.
T44110Shotgun 4-WRRun4HenryRead Option
Funky formation, with Bennett and Wade lined up slot right right next to each other before Bennett moves to slot left. Play is a basic read option, VY makes the proper read and Henry plows forward for a couple.
T4826I-Form, 3-WRRun-1HenryOff Tackle
Whereby "off tackle" means "runs into Barry Cofield in the backfield."
T4737Shotgun StrongPass23WadeSeam
VY actually gets time to throw for a change, and finds Wade wide open in what must be the soft spot in a two deep zone. The throw is a little high, but Wade's able to go up and get it. Maybe it's a mediocre throw, maybe he needed to put it high to get over the LBs. It still worked, so (CA).
N30110Shotgun 4-WRPass3BennettQuick Out
Bennett lines up slot right. Giants blitz, so VY finds his quick target. Not a big gain, but it beats a sack. (DO) is inflated, but I need another one to convey the general level of excellence VY is showing thus far.
N2727Split Backs(?)Run7PacmanOption
The formation is an interesting one. VY is under center, TE right, 2-WR, Henry behind VY and offset right a little, and Pacman is running across the formation from VY's left towards center. VY tosses a little to the formation left back to Pacman. Looks like a pass option to Jones right side, or maybe a QB throwback, but Kiwanuka's in the backfield, so Pacman shows off his PR skills, reversing field back to the left. VY gets into the action with a little bit of a block, and Pac gets just enough to get the first down. This was a fun play to watch.
N20110Standard 2-TE, 2-WR RightRun14HenryStretch
Stretch play to the right side. Good blocking to that side, and Henry finds a little lane to scoot through and get a good carry. One of the rare to this point examples of good 1v1 blocking by the Titan O-line.
N61GWeak I, 2-TE StrongRun-2HenryOff Tackle
This play is supposed to go off tackle to the left weak side. Naturally, Kiwanuka and Cofield are in the backfield again, so Henry tries to make something happen by reversing. Which he's not fast enough to do. I think his best move would have been to just continue left side and slide to the left of Kiwi/Cofield, where Hall had a decent block on the LB.
N82GStrong I, 2-WR WeakPassIncHallFlat
Torbor is blitzing, and he's Henry's responsibility. But Henry doesn't do a very good job of blocking him, so VY has to get rid of the ball with somebody on his back. His pass to Hall in the flat is, unsurprisingly, short. (PR)
N83GShotgun 4-WRPass6HallFlat
The "4-WR" description is a little misleading, as the Titans are in a base set--both Hall and Henry motion and split out wide. VY looks and dumps it to Hall, who's probably his safety valve, at the 5 on the far left side. Better than a sack or throwing the ball away, but the Giants are able to stop him short of the end zone without too much difficulty. (CA)
N24GWeak I, Standard 2-TERun1YoungQB Draw
Weak I because it's to the opposite side as the WR. The play is VY as an RB on a bootleg draw after play-action. The Giants are able to get enough people there to stop him from crossing the goal line. That is why, when people go for it when they don't have to, they're normally on the 1. And why passing on 2-point conversions is so popular. Brian Baldinger points out on the replay that VY have had an alley to the outside, but I'm not certain it was wide enough, and the hole he tried to run through close pretty fast, and the same could easily have happened there as well.
Drive Notes: I see why Fisher went for it, as the offense had been largely sputtering and TD opportunities down 21-0 are valuable. But, see above re going for it from the 2. This was the first drive where VY didn't always look like a shining beacon of quality in a world of suck. But, still down 21-0 is still down 21-0.
T46110Shotgun StrongPass13YoungScramble
The Titan D does its job for a change, setting up the O in decent field position, but with only :38 on the clock before halftime and 0 TOs. VY doesn't see anything he likes, and takes off. He could have headed for the sideline, but might not have made it and wouldn't have gotten as much yardage as going up the middle. (SCR)
Spike to kill the clock. :20 left.
T41210Shotgun StrongPass11ScaifeOut(?)
Giants only rush 3, and the Titans give VY enough time. After surveying the field, he hits Scaife for a decent little gain, enough to turn a "no way" FG attempt into a "yes, I'd kick from here." (CA)
Spike to kill the clock. :4 left, and it's time for a field goal try.
Drive Notes: Which Bironas puts to the right. It's the end of the first half, and the Titans are still down 21-0. Nevertheless, this was a very good drive from VY. Starting with 0 TOs and less than :40 to work with from his own territory, he sets up a long, but still reasonable FG attempt.
T16110Shotgun 4-WRPass25BennettSeam
The Titans nearly start this drive at their own 1, but Chris Claiborne pulls an idiot and knocks down Cramer after the punt goes out of bounds. As for the play, it looks like it's an all-streaks formation. Bennett lines up slot left, runs straight down the field, and VY hits him in the area akin to the cover-2 soft spot. (DO) is inflated in terms of pure throw quality, but VY did a good job to stand in the pocket knowing pressure was coming and get off a good throw downfield.
Stretch play left side out of 4-WR. The problem I have with this play is it takes a spread-out defense, then negates that advantage by giving the ball off to a slow back on an outside run.
T4229I-Form, 3-WRPass12HenryDumpoff
VY gets pressure, escapes the pocket, then dumps it to Henry and lets him run with the ball. A good decision. (CA)
N46110Shotgun 2-TE Strong, 2-WR WeakPass3YoungScramble
Protection kinda sucks, particularly Mawae getting tossed aside by Robbins(?). VY is flushed and escapes. Rather than trying to run past defenders and go upfield, he scoots over to the sidelines and out of bounds. Either that or a throw away was what I'd want to see on this play. (SCR)
N4327Shotgun 4-WRPassIncBennettDrag
Bennett and Wade are in the slot and run drag routes, Wade shorter and Bennett deeper. This pass is thrown into some traffc in the middle, but goes uncaught after it appears to hit Bennett in the helmet. (CA)
N4337Shotgun 4-WRPassIncWadeSeam
Wade runs a go route 40 yards downfield, VY puts it right in his arms, and Wade can't catch it. (DO)
Drive Notes: Would it kill you guys to catch something? It would, really? Oh, well, Bennett and Wade, you're both free agents this offseason. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
T321103-WR, 2 WeakPassIncWilliamsWaggle
Jones moves across the formation from slot right to slot left. VY fakes to Henry left, then boots right. Being pursued by Joseph, he throws back across his body 45 yards downfield. Williams was closest, with Roby also in the vicinity. Both Roydell and DB Dockery fell down trying to adjust to the ball. This is a terrible throw to grade, as I'm not sure (a) where VY was trying to throw the ball or (b) where Roby and Williams were supposed to be running. Call it (.5 CA, .5 IN).
T32210Shotgun BaseRun1WhiteRead Option
VY makes the proper read on DE Kiwanuka but Cofield beats Mawae and Kiwanuka comes in on a stunt to stuff the hole.
T3339Shotgun BasePass-9YoungSack
VY takes a deep drop, surveys the field, then starts to move to his left. Only Robbins beats Olson and takes VY down before he can escape from the pocket. VY maybe should have done something earlier, but if Robbins doesn't beat Olson, it doesn't matter. (PR)
Drive Notes: Have I mentioned yet the Giants D-line has been doing a good job against the Titan O-line? If you can't block the other team, it's tough to get anything done. I know, this is just as insightful as when I wrote good basketball teams make shots and prevent opponents from making shots.
N46110Shotgun BasePassIncScaifeIn
The Titans start with their best field position yet after Pacman picks off a pass intended for Burress and has a nice runback. On the play, Scaife runs a 14 yard in, VY hits him in the hands, and Scaife drops it. (DO)
N46210Shotgun StrongPass25WadeFlag
VY playfakes left, then rolls right. Wade lines up slot right, and heads for the corner. VY puts the ball right where it needs to be, and Wade catches it. (DO), as VY has it going on.
N21110Shotgun BaseRun2YoungRead Option
N21110Penalty15MawaeUnnec. Rough
VY makes the proper read on Kiwanuka, but DB McQuarters, who lined up on Wade in slot keeps contain. VY probably should have thrown this one out to Wade, on a sort of pitch like they did to Pacman. The personal foul is clearly called on Mawae, who comes into the group of guys standing around VY and gives Pierce a shove. Pierce has been throwing elbows into guys late all game, and this is a cheap call, but Mawae HAS to be smarter than this. Lendale gets into it with Walker, but neither is flagged and it should have been offsetting anyway.
N34223Shotgun StrongPass5HenryCheckdown
VY has a decent pocket, surveys the field, then takes the checkdown to Henry running across the formation. This play is almost impossible to grade without seeing the rest of the field, but nothing tells me it's not a bad decision. (CA)
N29318Shotgun BasePass9WadeIn
Wade lines up slot and runs a basic 7 yard in. On 3&18, you'd like to see a pass further downfield. But Wade is a decent guy in space and if you're planning on going for it on 4th down, I'd rather have 4&9 than 4&18. Reggie Torbor does a good job to take away Wade's running lane across the field. (CA)
N2049Shotgun BaseRun7YoungScramble
N2049Penalty7NYG-WalkerUnnec. Rough
There's a little bit of a protection overload here, as both Scaife and Henry stay in to block, as they did for the previous 2 plays, despite the Giants only rushing with 4, 3, and 3. Both end up on pass patterns, but Henry ends up in a sort of no man's land-not far enough away from Torbor to be assured of getting away, yet not able to block him on a scramble. VY takes off, and Scaife blocks. DB Bell does a good job to come up in support and cut off the corner. But Walker makes his STUPID hit and the Titans live on. (SCR)
N61GShotgun BaseRun-1HenryRead Option
VY runs the read option correctly, but Wilson does a good job of filling the hole.
N72GShotgun Trips leftPass3ScaifeLeft Flat
Funky formation, overloading the left side. The Giants do a good job of staying on assignments, and nobody ends up uncovered. Scaife runs a sort of out and gets a couple years. There didn't seem to be any clearly better places to throw the ball, so (CA).
N43GShotgun 4-WRPass4-TDScaifeCurl
Titans have an I-package, but flex both Henry and Hall out wide. Scaife lines up as a TE, runs a basic 4 yard curl route between LBs Pierce and Emmons, and VY hits him in the chest. (DO)
Drive Notes: At the time, I was just happy to see some positive plays made and some points put up on the board. Frank Walker one-ups Kevin Mawae in the "one stupid turn deserves another" category.
N36110Shotgun BasePass9WadeDrag
For the second straight drive, the Titans have their best starting field position of the game thanks to a return by Pacman, though this one is a punt and not an INT. Wade lines up slot left and runs a short drag with Scaife from the other side running a deeper drag. A little YAC, and it's 2&short. (CA)
N27214-WR ClosePass11WadeFlats and Gos
Scaife and Wade line up inside and run into the flats, while Bennett and Jones run go patterns. Defense needs to be very disciplined. Quick throw, but Henry has a nice pickup on blitzing LB Blackburn. VY hits Wade almost in stride, and it's another good gain. (CA), though, because Wade was wide open and the pass wasn't far downfield, so little degree of difficulty.
N161103-WR, 2 WeakRun9HenryOff Tackle
Jones lines up near on the slot side, helps seal Blackburn with Scaife. DB Walker follows Jones in, but gets sucked too far in and can't keep outside contain on Henry.
N721Shotgun BasePass5ScaifeOut
Giants bring Blackburn again, Henry with the pickup again, another quick throw, this time to Scaife on an out pattern. Very effective at picking up the first down, rather than looking only at the end zone--I like this decision, as it seems like too many teams look exclusively at the end zone, particularly in the late game situation. (CA)
N21GJumboRun1HenryRight Tackle
Jumbo package, with Hartsock on one side and Cramer and Scaife on the other. Hall runs a seal block on the off-play side, which he seems to do a lot, but seems wasted in this situation. Scaife and Cramer create a nice crease, but SS Wilson does a good job of standing up Henry on the goal line.
N12GJumboRun1YoungQB Off Tackle
Same sort of formation, flipped and with Scaife and Hartsock flipping sides. I think Scaife was supposed to run a pattern here, but gets held up by LB Torbor. VY is on the bootleg and beats Pierce to the corner.
Drive Notes: An awful lot of 3 WR shotgun sets-something VY saw a lot of at Texas and where he feels most comfortable. It's tough to argue with success.
T24110Shotgun BasePass24YoungScramble
T24110PenaltyOffsetNYGIllegal Contact
Henry gets to stone Demps on the blitz this time, a relief from Blackburn. VY doesn't like what he sees and takes off fairly quickly. Bell's hold is on Robbins as VY escapes from the pocket-very useful to VY, else Robbins may tackle him for a big loss. Nice run by VY, even though it doesn't count. Illegal contact looked more like hands to the face on Scaife about 7 yards downfield. The PBP lists a fumble, and one was called on the field, but Fisher wins a challenge if the Giants recover this. (SCR)
T24110ShotgunPassIncJonesIn, Out?
Jones runs an in, VY throws an out. Tough to complete a pass that way. Henry with blitz pickup on Will Demps again. No clue who was at fault on this play. (.5 CA, .5 IN)
T24210Shotgun BasePassIncBennettDeep Out
VY looking for Bennett about 20 yards downfield. Bennett appears to be open, but doesn't seem to be paying attention. Of course, the pass is about 5 yards down, so that doesn't really matter. One of VY's few bad throws this game. (IN)
T24310Shotgun StrongPassIncBennettCurl
Bennett is the sole WR right, VY bootlegs his direction. Kiwanuka drops back into coverage from his DE position and makes a good play to break up the pass. Throw was a little low by VY, but would have gotten to Bennett and a higher throw would still have been broken up by Kiwanuka. No real QB fault here, just a great play by the defender. (CA)
T24410Shotgun BasePass19YoungScramble
The play you've all seen. Henry slips out of the backfield late and Roos releases Kiwanuka to go block downfield, anticipating a throw to him by VY. But VY doesn't dump the ball off and instead keeps it. Kiwi lets up, VY escapes, Will Demps is frozen, first down, Tom Coughlin pissed off, &c. (SCR)
T43110Shotgun BasePass20WilliamsQuick Out
Henry with blitz pickup, Roydell on a quick out. Dockery misses a tackle, and Roydell gets about 15 YAC. Maybe he should have gone out of bounds, at the cost of ~5 yards, but with 2:20 to play there was time to run another play if the Titans were worried about the clock. (CA)
N37110Shotgun StrongPass16YoungScramble
VY rolls right strong, looking for Wade on the throwback. But is right there, so VY looks deep. Seeing pressure (all 3 DL 8 yards upfield), he takes off. More yards might have been available if he went slow and let his blocking develop, particularly Henry on Walker who got the stop, but I can't blame him for that. (SCR)
N21110Shotgun BasePass7BennettQuick Out
Bennett lines out wide on the weak side and runs a simple out. Pass is a little underthrown, but Bennett does a good job to go down and catch the ball. Play was challenged by the booth and upheld--I doubt the game ends in regulation without that time-saving move. (CA)
N1423Shotgun BasePass14JonesPost
Scaife runs a flag from the seam, drawing a safety away from Jones on the post pattern. Nice design, nice execution, nice throw, nice catch. It's easy to be happy with a touchdown. Oh, and VY hits him in stride. That never hurts, either. (DO)
Drive Notes: Vince Young, Vince Young, Vince Young. Watching him lead UT's comeback against Oklahoma State last year from a big halftime deficit, I remarked that "It doesn't matter if VY has to run for 500 yards, he will lead his team back." He ended up with 267 rushing and 239 passing in that game, and I had the same sort of feeling this game. He was playing well early, even though the Titans were getting blown out, and he raised his level of play late.
N49110Shotgun BasePass11ScaifeOut
Eli had a gargantuanly stupid throw, where Pacman makes a great leaping grab to snag a ball intended for Burress. The Jints actually blitz with 6, the first time they brought so many in the second half (and perhaps the game). VY takes the quick dumpoff to Scaife in the right flat and he's able to pick up 8 YAC AND get out of bounds to save the last time out. Very heady play by Scaife. (CA)
N38110Shotgun StrongPass7JonesWaggle
VY fakes the read option. The Jints come with 6 again, but the protection is good and VY isn't facing any pressure n the bootleg. Jones is the short WR, and VY gets it to him. (CA), though a better throw probably means Jones can step out of bounds to preserve the last TO.
Drive Notes: Bironas out, and he hits from 49 to give the Titans a 24-21 lead with :11 to go. Both the plays the Titans ran were pretty simple, but each worked pretty well. Personally, I probably would have run another play with :11 left on the clock to pick up some more yards, particularly since Bironas missed from similar range earlier in the game. As is often the case, Fisher was conservative. See above re arguing with success.

And that's the whole game.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Vince Young Breakdown @IND

1Q 2:36 Incomplete for Bobby Wade 17 yards downfield
Young was forced out of the pocket and being chased by Freeney. There was an angle where a pass to Wade could have been completed, but Young's pass went behind and short of Wade. I think this was a bad pass, as a real throw away would have gone out of bounds.
0-1, 0 yards

1Q 2:30 Incomplete to Brandon Jones 8 yards downfield
Rollout, good throw in a pretty good location. Nick Harper made a good play to break up the pass, but may have gotten a hand on Jones' back a little early. Maybe if Jones comes back more he makes the catch.
0-2, 0 yards

2Q 14:18 Complete to Ahmard Hall for 4 yards, 5 YAC
Play action, dump to FB Hall for 5 yards. Conservative playcall, but a successful play.
1-3, 4 yards

2Q 9:26 Complete to LenDale White for 7 yards, 13 YAC
Well-designed screen pass. Good short pass to White.
2-4, 11 yards

2Q 6:56 Complete to Ben Troupe for 2 yards, 0 YAC
Kind of a weird play down by the goalline. Not many options, not much space. Young's throw gets there, but it looked weird.
3-5, 13 yards

2Q 3:25 Complete to Travis Henry for 10 yards, 15 YAC
Dumpoff to Henry. Good short pass.
4-6, 23 yards

2Q 2:00 Complete to Brandon Jones for 16 yards, 2 YAC
Great throw, between the linebackers and in front of the safety.
5-7, 39 yards

2Q 1:16 Incomplete for LenDale White 3 yards in backfield
Either White was in the wrong place or Young threw the ball to the wrong place. This was another great screen call and looked like it could've gone for big yardage.
5-8, 39 yards

2Q :03 Intercepted by Doss, intended for Drew Bennett 28 yards downfield
Chuck it up and hope. Drew Bennett gave up on this route because Nick Harper was in his way. I'm mad at Drew for this play.
5-9, 39 yards, 1 INT

3Q 13:24 Complete to LenDale White for 3 yards, 6 YAC
Short screen pass, not as well set up as previous plays. Not great success on 2nd and 10. Easy throw for VY.
6-10, 42 yards, 1 INT

3Q 12:53 Incomplete for Bobby Wade 17 yards downfield
Pass interference, not called. Maybe thrown a little ahead, but no. Not VY's fault this was incomplete.
6-11, 42 yards, 1 INT

3Q 6:04 Complete to Brandon Jones for 15 yards, 0 YAC
Good throw on a comeback route, or maybe a curl. Thrown before Jones made his break, which makes it even better.
7-12, 57 yards, 1 INT

3Q 5:34 Incomplete for Brandon Jones 32 yards downfield
Pass thrown late/underthrown, else it's probably a TD. Still a completion if not broken up by David.
7-13, 57 yards, 1 INT

3Q 4:52 Complete to Brandon Jones for 9 yards, 3 YAC
Good out throw to Jones on 3rd and 4 for a first down. Jones scared me at first by giving up the first down, and probably should not have tried for extra yards at that risk.
8-14, 66 yards, 1 INT

3Q 2:45 Incomplete for Travis Henry 3 yards in backfield
Good play by Robert Mathis to sniff out this screen. VY did an excellent job to get rid of the ball as he was being taken to the ground by Montae Raegor, but probably should have gotten rid of it earlier. Trying to make a play, and I can't fault him for that.
8-15, 66 yards, 1 INT

3Q 1:42 Incomplete for Bobby Wade 27 yards downfield
VY makes a good throw against the blitz, and Bobby Wade fucking drops it. Fucking Bobby Wade. You fucking suck.
8-16, 66 yards, 1 INT

4Q 11:27 Complete to LenDale White for 8 yards, 13 YAC
Good throwback screen, wiped out by Scaife's holding penalty. Easy throw.
9-17, 74 yards, 1 INT

4Q 10:09 Complete to Travis Henry for no gain, -1 YAC
Good throw by VY to avoid a safety, as Freeney was bearing down on him.
10-18, 74 yards, 1 INT

4Q 4:59 Incomplete to Bobby Wade 25 yards downfield
This pass looks really, really bad, like right to Nick Harper, and it's only not an INT because Alvin Bethea runs into Harper. But what really happened is Bobby Wade tripped over his own feet. This really wasn't VY's fault, even though it looks like it was.
10-19, 74 yards, 1 INT

4Q 4:11 Complete to LenDale White for -3 yards, 6 YAC
VY is flushed, and takes the dumpoff to White. In this game situation, though, he should've used his scrambling ability. Rather than dumping off to White, he should have let White serve as a blocker for his running. Also, Brandon Jones was open on the other side of the field. That's what he really should have done with the ball.
11-20, 71 yards, 1 INT

4Q :17 Incomplete for Brandon Jones 39 yards downfield
Tough throw to make into multiple coverage. Game may end before Titans can spike the ball if ball is caught. Still, pass could have been complete but throw was short.
11-21, 71 yards, 1 INT

4Q :10 Scramble for 14 yards
Good run to pick up yardage when pressured and no open receivers available. This is something VY can do that almost nobody else can.
11-21, 71 yards, 1 INT

4Q :02 Incomplete for ? 50 yards downfield
Hail Mary time.
11-22, 71 yards, 1 INT