Friday, November 17, 2006

Vince Young Breakdown @IND

1Q 2:36 Incomplete for Bobby Wade 17 yards downfield
Young was forced out of the pocket and being chased by Freeney. There was an angle where a pass to Wade could have been completed, but Young's pass went behind and short of Wade. I think this was a bad pass, as a real throw away would have gone out of bounds.
0-1, 0 yards

1Q 2:30 Incomplete to Brandon Jones 8 yards downfield
Rollout, good throw in a pretty good location. Nick Harper made a good play to break up the pass, but may have gotten a hand on Jones' back a little early. Maybe if Jones comes back more he makes the catch.
0-2, 0 yards

2Q 14:18 Complete to Ahmard Hall for 4 yards, 5 YAC
Play action, dump to FB Hall for 5 yards. Conservative playcall, but a successful play.
1-3, 4 yards

2Q 9:26 Complete to LenDale White for 7 yards, 13 YAC
Well-designed screen pass. Good short pass to White.
2-4, 11 yards

2Q 6:56 Complete to Ben Troupe for 2 yards, 0 YAC
Kind of a weird play down by the goalline. Not many options, not much space. Young's throw gets there, but it looked weird.
3-5, 13 yards

2Q 3:25 Complete to Travis Henry for 10 yards, 15 YAC
Dumpoff to Henry. Good short pass.
4-6, 23 yards

2Q 2:00 Complete to Brandon Jones for 16 yards, 2 YAC
Great throw, between the linebackers and in front of the safety.
5-7, 39 yards

2Q 1:16 Incomplete for LenDale White 3 yards in backfield
Either White was in the wrong place or Young threw the ball to the wrong place. This was another great screen call and looked like it could've gone for big yardage.
5-8, 39 yards

2Q :03 Intercepted by Doss, intended for Drew Bennett 28 yards downfield
Chuck it up and hope. Drew Bennett gave up on this route because Nick Harper was in his way. I'm mad at Drew for this play.
5-9, 39 yards, 1 INT

3Q 13:24 Complete to LenDale White for 3 yards, 6 YAC
Short screen pass, not as well set up as previous plays. Not great success on 2nd and 10. Easy throw for VY.
6-10, 42 yards, 1 INT

3Q 12:53 Incomplete for Bobby Wade 17 yards downfield
Pass interference, not called. Maybe thrown a little ahead, but no. Not VY's fault this was incomplete.
6-11, 42 yards, 1 INT

3Q 6:04 Complete to Brandon Jones for 15 yards, 0 YAC
Good throw on a comeback route, or maybe a curl. Thrown before Jones made his break, which makes it even better.
7-12, 57 yards, 1 INT

3Q 5:34 Incomplete for Brandon Jones 32 yards downfield
Pass thrown late/underthrown, else it's probably a TD. Still a completion if not broken up by David.
7-13, 57 yards, 1 INT

3Q 4:52 Complete to Brandon Jones for 9 yards, 3 YAC
Good out throw to Jones on 3rd and 4 for a first down. Jones scared me at first by giving up the first down, and probably should not have tried for extra yards at that risk.
8-14, 66 yards, 1 INT

3Q 2:45 Incomplete for Travis Henry 3 yards in backfield
Good play by Robert Mathis to sniff out this screen. VY did an excellent job to get rid of the ball as he was being taken to the ground by Montae Raegor, but probably should have gotten rid of it earlier. Trying to make a play, and I can't fault him for that.
8-15, 66 yards, 1 INT

3Q 1:42 Incomplete for Bobby Wade 27 yards downfield
VY makes a good throw against the blitz, and Bobby Wade fucking drops it. Fucking Bobby Wade. You fucking suck.
8-16, 66 yards, 1 INT

4Q 11:27 Complete to LenDale White for 8 yards, 13 YAC
Good throwback screen, wiped out by Scaife's holding penalty. Easy throw.
9-17, 74 yards, 1 INT

4Q 10:09 Complete to Travis Henry for no gain, -1 YAC
Good throw by VY to avoid a safety, as Freeney was bearing down on him.
10-18, 74 yards, 1 INT

4Q 4:59 Incomplete to Bobby Wade 25 yards downfield
This pass looks really, really bad, like right to Nick Harper, and it's only not an INT because Alvin Bethea runs into Harper. But what really happened is Bobby Wade tripped over his own feet. This really wasn't VY's fault, even though it looks like it was.
10-19, 74 yards, 1 INT

4Q 4:11 Complete to LenDale White for -3 yards, 6 YAC
VY is flushed, and takes the dumpoff to White. In this game situation, though, he should've used his scrambling ability. Rather than dumping off to White, he should have let White serve as a blocker for his running. Also, Brandon Jones was open on the other side of the field. That's what he really should have done with the ball.
11-20, 71 yards, 1 INT

4Q :17 Incomplete for Brandon Jones 39 yards downfield
Tough throw to make into multiple coverage. Game may end before Titans can spike the ball if ball is caught. Still, pass could have been complete but throw was short.
11-21, 71 yards, 1 INT

4Q :10 Scramble for 14 yards
Good run to pick up yardage when pressured and no open receivers available. This is something VY can do that almost nobody else can.
11-21, 71 yards, 1 INT

4Q :02 Incomplete for ? 50 yards downfield
Hail Mary time.
11-22, 71 yards, 1 INT

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