Friday, December 22, 2006

Passing Chart

Brian at MGoBlog has been the inspiration (read rip-off target) for all of the UFR stuff. This includes his passing chart, which I'm introducing right now. You've seen these weird abbreviations, like (CA), (IN), and (BR) in the play-by-play breakdowns. What do these mean? If you follow the link, you can see Brian's descriptions. Mine are a little bit different:

DO: Dead-On. Throws that are just perfect. This is reserved for throws of rare beauty and perfection, or at least those more than 15 yards down the field. Finding a small hole in a zone, hitting a guy in stride on a deep pass, awesomeness emanating from the QB position. These are throws Peyton Manning would gladly claim as his own.

CA: Catchable. These are the run-of-the-mill accurate throws, neither particularly good nor particularly bad. This is the highest possible grade for easy throws barring some sort of Herculean effort. CA fits a wide range of throws, probably too many.

IN: Inaccurate. Deep balls underthrown by 5 yards or more. Passes thrown 5 feet over the receiver's head. Much of the oeuvre of Kerry Collins, or perhaps almost every pass thrown by Reggie Ball if you're a college fan.

PR: Pressure. These plays were negatively affected by people rushing the QB. Includes not just those throws graded PR, but also quarterback sacks.

SCR: Scramble. On a designed pass play, the QB takes off and runs with the football. If I think it's a designed pass play, I call it a pass play and scramble. Does not include designed runs.

BR: Bad Read. VY's pick in the end zone by Jackson in the second Colts game is a good example. VY thought he had an open receiver, and missed the DB playing centerfield. Throwing into double coverage and ignoring the guy open 12 yards downfield also falls here, though this is harder to spot on TV.

Well, the pass chart is where all of these come together, more or less. Since I've only broken down 4 games, wasn't doing passing grades for one of them, and haven't broken down fully 1 of the 3, this data won't be very complete. But, it'll be an advance on what's already out there.

v Colts296051
@ Texans3214362
v Jaguars0105300

Quick reads: Jacksonville game: 18 pass plays, 8 bad scores; Houston game: 39 pass plays, 9 bad scores; Colts game (as of right now): 23 pass plays, 7 bad scores. Yes, the total pass plays don't match VY's overall attempts: my data includes all plays, including those erased by penalty.

This is still a work in progress; I hope to fill in the blanks in the Colts game, and also the Jints and Iggles games, plus add the Bills game when the time is right. With the holiday schedule, I don't know when this will happen, but it might not be for a week or more.

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