Sunday, December 31, 2006

Playoff Update

A rooting guide for tomorrow, since I still haven't watched last Sunday's game against the Bills...

For the Titans to make the playoffs, all of the following must happen:
(i) TEN over NE;
(ii) PIT over CIN;
(iii) KC over JAX; and
(iv) SF over DEN

If any of (i)-(iv) fails to happen, the Titans will not make the playoffs. If you wish, in addition to the above outcomes, you may also root for Baltimore to win and/or Indianapolis to lose. That way, the Colts would be the #3 seed and face the #6 seed Titans in the opening round of the playoffs next weekend. Such a game would feature the presence of Yours Truly, which would mean first-hand reports after the fact of such a game and a better UFR. Sure, maybe having 5 of 6 things happen is unlikely, but they're a damn sight more likely to happen than what needs come to pass for the Packers to make the playoffs after the Giants' win tonight.

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