Thursday, January 04, 2007

2007 Draft Order

With the 2006 NFL regular season concluded, it's time for fans of teams that didn't make the playoffs to turn their attention to what happens next year. One of the key aspects of that is the 2007 NFL draft, and with the end of the regular season, the NFL has released the current draft order. Unless I've missed something, the Titans hold all 7 of their base selections, and also hold the Ravens' 4th round pick, acquired in the Steve McNair trade; the Colts' 6th round pick, acquired at the 2006 draft for the Titans' second 7th round selection (originally the property of the Colts and acquired by the Titans for Rocky Calmus, IIRC); and the Chargers' 6th round selection, acquired for Billy Volek. Here's when the Titans would draft with the picks they have right now:

1st round-19th overall (TEN original selection)
2nd round-50th overall (TEN original selection)
3rd round-80th overall (TEN original selection)
4th round-115th overall (TEN original selection)
4th round-128th overall (acquired from BAL via trade)
5th round-152nd overall (TEN original selection)
6th round-188th overall (TEN original selection)
6th round-204th overall (acquired from SD via trade)
6th round-206th overall (acquired from IND via trade)
7th round-223rd overall (TEN original selection)

I will update this post over the coming weeks to reflect any trades.

UPDATE (Jan. 12, 2324 CT): Added the BAL and SD picks.
UPDATE #2 (Feb. 1, 2258 CT): Updated 4th round pick acquired from BAL to reflect IND moved behind BAL in draft order and BAL no longer tied with CHI. Updated 6th round SD pick to reflect IND moved behind SD in draft order. Updated 6th round IND pick to reflect IND made Super Bowl.
UPDATE #3 (Feb. 3, 2231 CT): Corrected number of all TEN original selection picks in rounds 3-7 due to silly math error made in initial post calculation.
UPDATE #4 (Feb. 5, 1925 CT): Colts won Super Bowl, draft order updated.
UPDATE #5 (Feb. 18, 2158 CT): Uh, Baltimore's 4th round pick is not 147th overall. Corrected.
UPDATE #6 (Apr. 9, 2241 CT): Compensatory picks have been announced, so the spot rankings are final, barring any trades.

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