Friday, January 12, 2007

College Football

Since I've started this blog, I've posted less college football content than I expected. One of the recent issues is a playoff. College Football Resource wrote the article I wanted to, pretty much, as to why a playoff is a bad idea. See also MGoBlog's latest. And this post backing up CFR's argument from The Baseball Savant. And this article on Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany (JD, UNC '73), one of the people blocking a playoff.

Also college football related, see EDSBS's interview podcast with Phil Steele. I finally got around to listening to it a couple weeks ago. The prediction of Arkansas winning a lot of games looks a lot better now than it did five months ago, I'll have to say.

Last but certainly not least, stat geekery. First, here's an old, good post from MGoBlog, Zen and the Science of Third Down Conversion, showing third down conversion success of a number of teams from the 2005 season. That tOSU graph is really something. And check out Smart Football's post on the Insight Bowl, Texas Tech's 31-point Comeback and the Hot Hand Theory.

Those of you looking for NFL content, UFR of Buffalo and New England are really coming. Buffalo I hope to have up on Sunday. Yes, really.

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