Monday, January 01, 2007

Playoffs Finis

Happy New Year to everybody.

Everything broke right for the Titans on Sunday: Kansas City upset the Jaguars in Jacksonville, Pittsburgh got a long pass to Santonio Holmes in OT to beat the Bengals, and Joe Nedney booted San Francisco over Denver in overtime. Only problem was, the Titans forgot to win their own game, losing to New England by a final tally of 40-23. Intellectually, I know 8-8 and the great winning streak makes 2006 a good year after an 0-5 start, but right now I just feel incredibly disappointed. Everything broke right, and the Titans couldn't take care of their own business.

Monday will be largely devoted to college football bowl games, and I may have a summary post of impressions of the various games up here. The next Titans coverage will hopefully be some UFR of Buffalo late Tuesday evening, though precisely how much will depend on the Orange Bowl between Louisville and Wake Forest is. Since the Titans didn't make the playoffs, I feel no time pressure to get everything up, but I hope to finish UFR for both BUF and NE by next Sunday evening. After that, I'll probably go through the roster in some fashion and comment on the various players: how well they played and lived up to expectations, and their potential Titans future. Schedule permitting, I'll also comment on the NFL playoffs, the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine, and whatever other football matters I care to opine about.

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