Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Senior Bowl Practices, Day Three

This will be Part One of Two for Day Three, as other commitments prevented me from watching more than the 2 hours of South practice today. When I watch the North practice

We got to see some good individual LB drills today. I repeat my comments yesterday about Quentin Moses: how the heck this guy was considered a potential Top 5-overall caliber pick entering this season is now beyond me. Yes, he's working out at OLB as well as the DE position he played at Georgia. FSU LB Buster Davis looks like a 2-down NFL LB-very productive in Tallahassee, but I don't think he'll look that great against NFL-speed. Georgia LB Tony Taylor and Ole Miss LB Patrick Willis looked best among the LBs. Mike Singletary got a lot of face time doing the LB drills, but this was much better than the face time Gruden got, since what Singletary was saying helped you evaluate what the LBs were doing.

The DBs looked mostly eh again in mostly off coverage. FSU WR Chris Davis ran right by Kevin Payne of Louisiana-Monroe. Texas DB Aaron Ross got a good bump on Florida WR Dallas Baker, then totally lost contain. Clemson WR Chansi Stuckey had a couple nice grabs. LSU WR Dwyane Bowe looked pretty impressive, using his size to get inside and run a couple nice comeback routes.

Arkansas T Tony Ugoh has nice athleticism, but he's still really raw and didn't look very good. Pat Kirwan on the draft recap show said Ugoh has been his most disappointing player. Texas DE Tim Crowder has looked pretty good-not elite, but a solid 2nd or 3rd round pick.

Mike Mayock was hyping Houston QB Kevin Kolb as the guy who could make a move up draft boards this week, up to and including into the first round. Uhuh, not the guy I've seen. UTEP's Jordan Palmer, younger brother of Carson, was a guy who may have had that same possibility at one up. Uhuh, not now. And Chris Leak, meh, Brooks Bollinger once was enough. Dinky-dunky in the red zone. With the job Norv Turner did on Alex Smith, I would've expected his charges to look a little better than they did.

I still don't have much to say on 11v11's.

Same schedule as the past two days for practices, North 9:30-11 CT and South 4-6, with the 30 minute recap show at 7 CT, with a re-air of same at 12:30 AM CT.

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