Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Senior Bowl Practices, Day Two

Just for the record, here is the roster for the North Team, and here is the roster for the South Team, coached by Mike Nolan and the rest of the San Francisco 49er coaching staff.

There's something vaguely disturbing about the weigh-in, 500 scouts and NFL people watching young men with their shirts off getting measured and weighed.

The North practice featured some more solo drills, which didn't seem as enlightening as the solo drills at the Combine. WR v DB drills were much better. Eric Weddle, Utah's do-everything guy, looked more like a safety-noticeably bigger, not as quick as the other guys, and Rhema McKnight ran past him in what was supposed to be press coverage. Leon Hall, Michigan CB, looks a good deal more comfortable playing outside technique, with help inside; maybe it's just the way he was supposed to line up, but that's how he looked. Fresno WR Paul Williams smoked Syracuse DB Tanard Jackson at the line and poped him outside. Notre Dame WR Rhema McKnight had trouble catching the ball. East Carolina WR Aundrae Allison looked pretty good. Maryland DB Josh Wilson looked pretty good. Of the North team DBs, NFL draft analyst Mike Mayock had Leon Hall the top CB and #2 behind LSU S LaRon Landry and Fresno CB Marcus McCauley behind Hall, with Cal DB Daymeion Hughes #11 and Weddle 12th among DBs as a SS. McCauley reminds me a little of Marlin Jackson, kind of a tweener between CB and Safety+ in the NFL, though I seem to recall Jackson playing both at Michigan, while McCauley was just a CB. Hughes was mostly eh to me. Interestingly, Mayock has Florida S Reggie Nelson, who's not in Mobile because he came out as a junior, 10th among DBs.

Nebraska DE Adam Carriker looked good again. I wasn't a big fan of tOSU lineman Doug Datish when he was a Buckeye, and he didn't look any better here-his ability to play all 3 OL spots should at least get him a practice squad spot, but eh. Purdue DE Charles Spencer looks like at least a decent situational pass rusher in the NFL-fast enough to get some rush outside, but not without inside rush skills. In these 1v1 OL v DL drills, you can't see rush D, though, and Spencer's not real big at 262.

I don't get Tyler Palko love. He's Bruce Gradkowski, slightly taller, and with less of a track record of success. Troy Smith looked pretty good in 7v7 passing drills, but the question on him is ability to throw inside the pocket.

As a Big Ten fan, living in Big Ten Country, it's a little meh to watch 1v1s featuring guys like Spencer, Levi Brown, Ryan Harris of Notre Dame, Michigan DE LaMarr Woodley, Notre Dame DE Victor Abiamiri, and other people I've seen a lot.

West Virginia C Dan Mozes, SMQ's "Symbol of Unselfish Dominance," looks like a 4A guy, great college player who doesn't have the physical ability to be a good player at the top level. Ok, Titans C Justin Hartwig was a 6th who started for a couple years and got a decent FA contract, and maybe Mozes could do that, but I didn't like him.

A lot of blather from the Mayock, Charles Davis, and Paul Burmeister. QBs of the South team are Houston's Kevin Kolb, whom Mayock is real high on, Chris Leak, and UTEP's Jordan Palmer. FSU's Lorenzo Booker is an intriguing RB guy-pretty good in space, but man alive the Seminoles were awful on offense; Leon Washington looked fine with the Jets as a rookie this year, so the Jeff Bowden Theory is active.

49ers coach Mike Nolan looks much older than he did late in the regular season. Maybe it's the facial hair and the hair covering up all but the greying sideburns.

David Irons of Auburn looked inconsistent in 1v1 WR-DB drills-very good plays alternating with some pretty bad ones. Dwyane Bowe of LSU went to the same pass-catching school Rhema McKnight did.

The South team seems to be more guards, or at least quality guards, than the North's tackles. Or maybe that's just who stood out more to me. From 1v1's, you really wonder why Georgia DE Quentin Moses was regarded as a potential Top 5 overall pick. Tony Ugoh out of Arkansas was the best South OT. Oklahoma State DL Ryan McBean is apparently a guy whose stock is rising, but he strikes me as more of a workout guy than a good player. Not Gabe Watson-inconsistency, but a body that doesn't match his play.

I have a hard time reading LB play in a situation like this-DeMeco Ryans really stood out as a not a first round guy based on the drills here last year, but there hasn't been a real situation for them to stand out in 1v1s yet. I think they get to match up against the RBs tomorrow.

There was a lot more South coverage, more than the North coverage today, but eh. Maybe I'll watch South first tomorrow and I might be more attentive. Tomorrow's schedule is the same as today-North from 9:30-11 AM CT, South from 4-6 CT, and a half-hour recap show at 8:30 PM CT.

I should be back with more of the same tomorrow night.