Sunday, February 25, 2007

Programming Update, and Recent Titans Events

Where life and blogging conflict, blogging suffers. So, you won't be getting nearly as much Combine coverage here as I expected. I saw a little bit of it today, and was favorably impressed by Calvin Johnson and Adrian Peterson. Yeah, familiar names, but they're familiar for a reason: they're both really damned impressive out of pads and in them.

Two Titans-related events in the news lately.

First, 2005 5th round draft pick Damien Nash collapsed while playing in a charity basketball game Saturday night and died. My condolences to his family. Nash became the 2nd Bronco to pass away this offseason, with Darrent Williams' tragic shooting being the first. Nash had a short, and none too successful, career with the Titans. Indeed, had he not been a draft pick, he probably wouldn't have made the team as a rookie. When he reported to camp late and overweight in 2006, his presence was no longer deemed necessary. Denver quickly picked him up, trying to prove running back fungibility, but he wasn't too successful there either.

Second, Titans CB Adam "Pacman" Jones has been in the headlines lately for being in the wrong place at the wrong time again: a strip club in Vegas last weekend 'round the time there was a shooting. The story is probably a sordid one, but thankfully there have been no criminal charges forthcoming against Pacman. My thoughts can be found in this Football Outsiders XP thread, where I post under the highly creative name "NewsToTom." Short version: at this point in time, cutting or trading Pacman would be a foolish reaction to bad publicity. In a league where Leonard Little killed someone while driving drunk and is still playing without suffering any apparent ill consequences, Pacman's alleged involvement seems quite minor. Not that I'd want to hang out with Pacman, or he with me for that matter. Oh, and Titans GM Mike Reinfeldt's comments about cutting Pacman: no freakin' duh there's a way Pacman could not be a member of the Titans come opening day 2007. To read anything remotely definitive about Reinfeldt's comments is nothing short of asinine.

I'll have the second half of Week 17 NE-TEN up in the next couple days, I hope.

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