Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Compensatory Picks

It's up on PFT, but doesn't seem to be official yet. Still, we knew what the answer would be. The Titans were not awarded any compensatory picks in the 2007 NFL draft. Thus, they still have their 7 selections, plus the 3 picks acquired via trade. I don't want to talk about Pacman Jones, because (i) I don't want to think about the on-field ramifications, signing of Nick Harper notwithstanding and (ii) if not for emulators and NHL '95 (primarily), I might not have gone to Criminal Law on anything approaching a regular basis, and don't like thinking about it.

More content later this week, to possibly include UFR (I know, believe it when you see it) and a book review or two (one new, maybe, plus some old ones). Also, Georgetown basketball, woohoo!

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