Saturday, April 28, 2007

2007 Draft-Titans First Day Selections

#1-19 Michael Griffin, S, Texas
Well, with Aaron Ross, Chris Houston, Alan Branch, Dwayne Bowe, and Robert Meachem on the board, I expected the Titans to take one of those players with the #19 selection in the NFL draft. And they cross me up. Griffin was a fine player in 2005 for Texas, but was much less impressive last year. And, as I noted in my defense preview, the Titans have a bunch of safeties already. Granted, only one of them is good, and the others looked really bad, but they're at least semi-competent. I'm not so sure they have 3 semi-competent CBs, and I'm pretty sure they don't have 3 semi-competent WRs, or 3 semi-competent DTs, but oh well. Just for the record, I wanted the top CB on the draft, and Griffin ain't it.

UPDATE: I had a dinner to go to, so I'll just do some quick thoughts on the Titans' second and third round selections, and update them later.

#2-50 Chris Henry, RB, Arizona
Chris Henry runs really fast in shorts. That's wonderful. He wasn't very productive in college, and is a classic case of somebody with better measurables than actual football performance. This is a dumb pick. The Titans needed an RB, and Henry's the kind of guy I wanted to see them draft, but not here, not with this pick. Before the Titans would pick again, there'd be a run on WRs and a run on DEs. Seeing what happened, the top DE would have been my pick.

#3-80 Paul Williams, WR, Fresno State
And the run of WRs ends. Between 73-80, 7 WRs were drafted, and the 8th guy was TE Matt Spaeth. Williams is ok, but I would have preferred pretty much any of the 6 previous WRs. I'm not sure he wouldn't have been around when the Titans picked in the 4th round, though, and the defensive line still hasn't been addressed. When I did my defensive draft preview, I said the Titans wouldn't win very many games if they couldn't stop teams from scoring. Well, so far this offseason, the Titans are worse at DT, worse at CB, a little better at MLB, and maybe a little better at S. That doesn't sound like a winning combination to me. The Titans currently have 7 picks for tomorrow, so there's room to add live bodies. With Tank Tyler, Charles Johnson, and Brandon Mebane all on the board, addressing the D-line would have been more to my approval. I guess we can do that with the Top 5 draft pick we'll have after we go 4-12 next season.

More draft content tomorrow, at least until I have to go to work. Best pick of Day One: Robert Meachem to the Saints at #27. Good player, perfect fit.

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