Sunday, April 29, 2007

2007 Draft-Titans Second Day Selections

#4-115 Leroy Harris, C/G, North Carolina State
Ok, I think Mike Reinfeldt read my offensive preview and decided to not do anything I thought they should. I mean, I realize they need to replace Kevin Mawae sooner or later. I guess this pick means Eugene Amano goes bye-bye. Yeah, Harris could play either of the guard spots, but Mike Mayock reports consistency issues. Ok, Amano is gone, but the Titans have too many holes to be making what appear to be marginal upgrades like this one.

UPDATE (5/3, 2300 CT): Thanks to SEMoBall for linking to this post. I point you also to this post expressing similar surprise, though Andrew is more conservative than I in predicting Amano's departure. Naturally, I think I'm right, but I've been wrong plenty of times before, and will be again. Two players who are expected to play almost exactly the same position, with very likely only one spot available for said player = out with the old, in with the new.

#4-128 Chris Davis, WR, Florida State
Another body at WR. He has some experience returning punts, but I'd have rather had Ryne Robinson, who went three picks after the Titans took Harris, and G Josh Beekman with this pick.

#5-152 Antonio Johnson, DT, Mississippi State
Hooray, the first pick I don't hate as soon as I hear it. Of course, that's because I don't know anything about him. I don't think I saw any Mississippi State this year (I missed the Egg Bowl, and they sucked), so read this and you'll know everything I do about him.

#6-188 Joel Filani, WR, Texas Tech
What the hell? Seriously, what the hell? I enjoyed watching Texas Tech, just because Mike Leach is awesome. Another body at WR. Filani caught a bunch of balls. Maybe he could develop into the Bobby Wade Role. But they drafted Chris Davis two rounds ago. This is now 10 WRs on the roster, 3 of them drafted this weekend. Unless they're moving to the run-and-shoot, and with Jeff Fisher still the head coach, I'd rate those chances as only marginally better than the chance I get drafted today, there's no way more than 6, 7 tops will make the team. Seriously, this is way worse than last year's draft, when VY and Nande were the only picks I liked.

#6-204 Jacob Ford, DE, Central Arkansas
I admit it, I didn't see Central Arkansas play once this season. As with Johnson, read his profile, and you'll know everything I do. Maybe a special teams guy, or he'll spend a year on the practice squad and see if he turns into something.

#6-206 Ryan Smith, CB, Florida
Ah, Ryan Smith, the old Utah player who followed Urban Meyer to Florida. He took advantage of the new rule that let players who already graduated play immediately, and had a nice impact. So, why's he a 6th round pick? As the profile notes, he's really physically limited. There's a serious concern he's a lot closer to maxxed out his skills and raw physical talent than most other players, and he'll be an athletic liability at the next level. Still, being a competent dime back should be enough to earn him a roster spot on the Titans. In case you can't tell, this is the first pick I liked.

#7-223 Michael Otto, OT, Purdue
I hate to repeat myself, but... What the hell? Seriously, what the hell? Did the Titans not start two guys under age 25 at the two offensive tackle positions, or did I hallucinate through most of last season? Otto was a pure LT at Purdue, and a fine one. He didn't look like a drive-blocking guard to me, and that's what the Titans need, someone to replace Olson. Otto looks he may be useful as an OT backup, but this team has too many holes to spend even 7th round picks on guys who won't play. You've had luck with 7th round DBs the last two years (toast or not, Reynaldo has outperformed 7th round expectations), why not try that again? Of course, it's 7th round, I don't have great expectations or strong feelings as to any specific player the Titans should have picked.

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