Saturday, April 28, 2007

First Round Thoughts

I don't have much of particular value to say about most of the draft picks, which is why I'm not live-blogging it. From the Titans perspective, the first notable pick came at #9, when the Miami Dolphins bypassed Brady Quinn, the player they were expected to take, and pick Ohio State WR Ted Ginn Jr. Levi Brown to the Cardinals at #5 was a mild surprise, but most of the picks have gone largely as expected.

CB Darrelle Revis goes to the Jets at #14, right after DE Adam Carriker went to the Rams. That's two players on the Titans maybe list, but other guys are still available.

Tennesee DT Justin Harrell went to GB #16. I thought that was too early for him, and didn't want the Titans to take him at #19, so thanks. The Broncos traded up to #17 to draft Jarvis Moss. As I said in my defense preview, I didn't want the Titans to draft him, so I'm happy. Now, Bengals, please don't take Branch.

The Bengals take Leon Hall at #18. The Tennessee Titans are now on the clock. And they take Michael Griffin, S, Texas. Here is my preliminary take. I'm thinking WR in the second round.

The big story of the draft so far is Brady Quinn falling. Didn't go to the Browns at #3. Didn't go to the Dolphins at #9. Didn't go to Buffalo, or St. Louis... Reports now have the Browns and Lions interested in him, but I think that's his agent, Tom Condon, trying to create buzz. He's going to the Ravens at #29.

Ok, so he doesn't. The Browns trade their #2 pick this year and next year's first round pick to the Cowboys for the #22 pick and use it to select Quinn. This is an absolutely DREADFUL trade for the Browns, and a wonderful deal for the Cowboys. The thing about going to the Ravens is that he'd be on a decent team with a decent supporting cast. He's put in a position to fail with the Browns, and fail he probably will.

And San Francisco trades up to #28 with NE to move ahead of the Ravens to take Joe Staley. It cost them a #4 this year and a #1 next year, but he fills a real need for them. I think this was a good trade for both teams. The Ravens, not too disconcerted, take Auburn G Ben Grubbs. They'd have rather had Staley, likely, but Grubbs fills a need himself. And then we get our real 'Huh?' pick of the draft as San Diego takes LSU WR Craig Davis. Seriously, Davis isn't a bad player, but I thought he was a player the Chargers could have gotten with their second round pick. Bears on the clock now. TE Gregg Olsen was putting on a Bears hat with a smile on his face while the Chargers were on the clock, so it looks like he's the pick.

And Olsen the pick was, and the Colts didn't surprise me by picking Ohio State WR Anthony Gonzalez with the last pick in the first round. As Goodell noted, this was the longest first round in NFL history. 6:08, after 4:40-something last year. What a long freaking time. Anyway, enough with this post.

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