Thursday, April 12, 2007


A couple non-Titans items I'd like to point out.

First, SI's Stewart Mandel had a column looking at what I think may be the most important development in college football this offseason: Florida State's hiring of Jimbo Fisher as offensive coordinator. Let's be frank: lots of college coaches are coaches at least as much for their ability to run a program as their ability to coach football players. Bobby Bowden is a great example of that. A great game coach is a huge advantage in college football. With Fisher around, I expect Florida State to win the ACC within the next two-three years and play in the national championship game within five years. And, of course, that's Bobby Bowden's valedictory and Fisher steps in as head coach.

Also on the college football news front, the hated 3-2-5-e is dead. Typically, college football addressed a problem, namely that games were too damn long, and came up with one of the stupidest solutions imaginable. And, just to piss me off, fans complains when the cost of games that took longer was games that had fewer plays. Well, uh, duh. So, no more clock running on changes of possession. Instead, they moved the kickoff back to the NFL's 30 yard line, in an effort to have more kick returns and fewer touchbacks. Yeah, that'll really solve the slow pace of games. They also switched the play clock from 25 to 15 on plays after a TV timeout. Seriously. Ah, that might be interesting, but it can't replace the high comedy of coaches butchering the clock last year.

This is an interesting post looking at particular programs with "accursed draft histories."

P-F-R blog has been doing some interesting work lately on what a draft pick is worth. This is probably the best post on the matter.

This FO thread on the new schedules touches on one of my pet peeves: the NFL's strength of schedule calculation. It's a misleading and a little inane at the best of times, and even worse when applied to future events.

That's all for now. I'm going to try to post some material on a regular (read semi-frequent) basis. Between UFR, book reviews, and the upcoming NFL draft, I should have enough material to actually produce some content, so long as I bother to get the time in. I'll also be working on importing my football posts from The Other Blog, though most of those aren't really worth remarking on. As the draft nears, I'll have a post or two looking at select older Titans' drafts with the benefit of history. I've also updated the draft picks post with the supplementary picks to show where the Titans will be picking. As the draft nears, I'll move that to the top so it's available as a handy guide. I don't expect the Titans to actually make 10 picks come draft time, though.

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