Thursday, May 03, 2007

On Keyshawn

So, the other day the Carolina Panthers released WR Keyshawn Johnson. Since the Titans' current WR corps combined doesn't have as many catches as Keyshawn does, there was immediate speculation that the Titans could bring him in. And he does have a record of production better than that of the Titans' WRs put together. But jeez o'pete, how many WRs will one team have? As I noted in discussing the Joel Filani pick, how many WRs does one team need? The Titans had seven before the draft, six of whom had a legitimate reason to make the roster, then they draft three more, and now you want to bring in another one? Who's going to go away, and why do you want them to go away?

I'm trying really hard not to go all endowment effect on you, but there comes a time when you have to realize what moves will and will not help the team? In some ways, it's as much signaling as anything else, but I just don't get it. I know the Titans went 8-8 last year, could have made the playoffs, upset the Colts, and who knows what happens after that, but this team wss not that good. And there are strong reasons to suggest the Titans will be worse (see also history of teams overperforming Pythagorean winning pct). Barring unlikely and fortunate circumstances, the Titans should not be expected to at least nearly make the playoffs until 2008 and compete for the Super Bowl until 2009. Keyshawn Johnson will not be there to help the Titans achieve either of those goals, so why should you bring him in now?

UPDATE (5/9, 2236 CT): I guess I should have posted a link to this Tennesseean blog post by Paul Kuharsky reaching the same conclusion, but I didn't, because I hadn't seen it. I don't care what SI's Michael Silver says; Keyshawn isn't a player the Titans need right now, bad as the WR position looks (and almost certainly will be). I bet this is a case of something Fay Vincent pointed out in this recent W$J op-ed: a guy with connections giving his friend's prospects a boost.

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