Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Titans Pass Distribution

One of the projects I wanted to do this offseason was to take a look at the Titans' pass distribution, how often the QBs looked for certain targets. Unsurprisingly, I took the easy way out and looked only at overall totals, not situational situations. For grins, here are the Titans' leading pass targets by week:

Week 1, v NYJ: Bennett 18, Wade 8
Week 2, @ SD (total): Wade 7, Bennett and Givens 6
Week 2, @ SD (Collins): Bennett and Givens 5
Week 2, @ SD (VY): Wade and Jones 5
Week 3, @ MIA: Bennett 10, Troupe 6
Week 4, v DAL: Scaife and Givens 6
Week 5, @ IND: Jones 6, White(!) 5
Week 6, @ WAS: Bennett 7, Scaife and Jones 5
Week 8, v HOU: Bennett 6, Scaife 5
Week 9, @ JAC: Scaife 10, Bennett 7
Week 10, v BAL: Bennett 8, Scaife 4
Week 11, @ PHI: Jones 5, Bennett 4
Week 12, v NYG: Wade and Bennett 7, Scaife 6
Week 13, v IND: Jones 5, 4 with 3
Week 14, @ HOU: Bennett 11, Scaife and Hall 4
Week 15, v JAC: Bennett and Wade 4
Week 16, @ BUF: Hartsock(!) 6, Jones 5
Week 17, v NE: Bennett 7, Jones 6

1. I did not take a look at how much each player was on the field on pass patterns, so how often they were a potential target is not recorded. Maybe for 2007.
2. If there's any doubt Bennett was the Titans' #1 WR last year, I hope this dispels it.
3. That said, there were 3 games where Bennett was only targeted for one pass each: the Buffalo game, and both Indy games. In fact, in the first Colts game, the only play where Bennett was targeted was the gimmick play at the end of the first half. That's actually what gave me the idea for doing this in the first place, hoping that would be part of a larger pattern. No dice, though.
4. I was surprised at how few times Bobby Wade's name showed up on that chart. It seemed like he was more of an offense than that.
5. When you sign a free agent to a big contract, you hope he ends up with more than 21 passes thrown in his direction the first year. The snarky part of me wants to say David Givens' biggest impact came when he prevented the Titans from running another play or three at the end of the first half in the Dallas game because he couldn't get lined up right. Please come back healthy, or that will be the memory I have of you.
6. Passes from Kerry Collins: Ben Troupe, 14; Bo Scaife, 7. Passes from Vince Young: Ben Troupe, 16; Bo Scaife, 46. Even if you eliminate Scaife's receptions after the Philly game where Troupe was injured, he still has 37. It's not that Scaife played exceptionally well, because he didn't, but nor did Troupe.
7. Even after doing the breakdown work I've done, I couldn't have told you offhand that Hartsock was the leading pass target in the Buffalo game, nor could I have told you White was the second-leading target in the first Colts game.
8. I broke down the difference between VY and Collins for the SD game primarily because it showed the QBs targeted different players, though I cannot discount playing time as the sole reason for the disparity.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Site News

I've joined Total Titans as a contributor, and my first post is up. I'll still be posting here all my non-Titans thoughts on football, and most of my Titans thoughts as well.