Saturday, July 07, 2007

Content Update 2

While I muck around with the VCR and getting it to work with the satellite, some thoughts.

Apparently, LSU Coach Les Miles recently threw some more red meat to his fans, insulting USC. For Miles in some perspective, see this MGoBlog post, particularly
"Several players said the day [new OK State Coach] Gundy replaced Les Miles as head coach he established guidelines that players attend class, be on time for team meetings, adhere to workout routines, represent the program well and play hard."

Particularly, I'd like to point out LSU this offseason lost both their well-regarded coordinators, Jimbo Fisher to Florida State and Bo Pelini to Alabama, and replaced them with nobody particularly notable. LSU will still have talented players, but the great added value that distinguishes most national championship teams from near-misses is quality coaching. And Les Miles, in my opinion, will not provide that quality coaching. LSU may have good wins, and may even win the SEC, but they will not be a national championship contender this year, and will never be one so long as Les Miles is head coach. And, in light of that, that probably won't be more than 5 years.

Pacifist Viking, a fellow Football Outsiders commenter nails it, July before training camp is irrelevant controversy season.

Of course, I say that and one of my favorite blogs that's hardly ever posted on, Smart Football, had two new posts. The first is on the "death" of the run-and-shoot, and brings up something that I've noticed: there's generally an awful lot of offensive diversity. At the college level, a team like Ohio State lined up in everything from a true spread formation with 4 or 5 WR to a classic power set with an I and multiple TEs. And at the NFL level, we've seen just as much diversity. True, we probably won't see a team devote itself to the run-and-shoot like the Oilers and Lions did in the early 90's, but that doesn't mean it's gone. The second is on pass concepts, with a few links to some of his older posts.

One good thing has come out lately: USA Today has updated its salary database. Have fun with it.

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