Sunday, July 22, 2007

UFR Update

Hey, I'm actually doing work on this! I've completed the first half of the Giants game, and that may be found at the link for the Giants game. Note that only the first half of the game is up--i.e., I took down the 4th quarter that was my first work doing UFR. I plan to re-chart those plays, adding passing grades, and re-post, along with the 3rd quarter plays I didn't originally chart. That will hopefully be up tomorrow, and shouldn't be up any later than Tuesday.

Once I finish the rest of the Giants game, I will update the passing chart. I have decided I will not be posting any defensive breakdowns. I've worked on a couple, as I've been updating UFR, but I'm not at a stage where I have anything I want to post. Defensive breakdowns will continue to be a work in progress through the pre-season, but I have to have it in a form I like by the time the regular season rolls around. I also plan to chart special teams plays, though I'm not quite sure how or in what detail (particularly, if I'll have some metric like the VY pass chart), but it'll be there.

UPDATE (7/24, 2031 CDT): Whole of the Giants game is up. See link above.

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