Saturday, August 18, 2007

Preseason Game 2: @ Patriots

A couple quick comments:
1. Wow, the Patriots' preseason production values suck. I'd rather watch the average televised high school game, since at least then you can typically see all of the action on a single play, even if the focus isn't as good. And the announcers typically aren't any worse than Don Criqui and Randy Cross were. I wouldn't claim the Titans' preseason TV crew is a model of sparkling excellence (Eddie George freely admitted he didn't know the name of Jacob Ford or Antonio Johnson, the two rookie draft pick DLs who have been lost for the year), but they were, comparatively speaking, a breath of fresh air.
2. It's nice to win a preseason game.
3. VY did not excel.
4. The pass rush was good.
5. For the second straight game, the first team offensive line did not look very impressive.
6. For the second straight week, the running back who started the second half looked better than the running back who started the first half.
7. Dontrelle Moore got more carries at RB than I expected.
8. It you're either an optimist or a pessimist (me) with regard to the Titans' prospects this year, you saw something to support your opinion this game.

Assuming my DVR doesn't quit working again, I'll have some UFR up tomorrow or Monday-probably first half offense.

UPDATE (8/19 2010 CT): Uh, I left out the "not" in #3 above.

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