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Upon Further Review: TEN@NE Offense 1H

UFR, Preseason Week 2. First half, offense. VY's 2007 debut. More UFR to come later.

T21110Weak IPassIncScaifeWheel
Bo Scaife starts as the FB, with Hartsock lined up next to Roos as the TE. Scaife runs a wheel route, out into the flat and then up the field, and VY's pass for him 8 yards downfield only makes it about 3/4 of the way there. Just an AWFUL throw by VY-generously, the ball slipped out of his hand. (IN)
Henry the lone setback. Scaife motions and ends up as the H-back over Roos, with Hartsock on the other side. The O-line does a good job with the 1v1 blocks and also getting to the second level. Harrison comes up from the safety position to trip up Henry, who also may have been able to stay up with a non-slick surface. A very good run.
T28333-WR, Slot WeakPass-3YoungSack
VY drops back, tries to set up, slips on the wet field, gets up, tries to scramble away, and gets taken down. This is a play I don't really like grading, because there's not huge fault to award, but I'm going to call it a (PR)-Mike Vrabel had rushed from the outside and aside from a chuck by Scaife before Bo went out on a pattern, hadn't really been touched. This was a more complex rush than you'll normally see in the preseason (the Pats had 3 guys to the Titans right and only brought Vrabel, the outermost guy), but the Titans didn't handle it well.
Drive Notes: Punt, 0-0, 1Q 13:49. One good play sandwiched in between two bad ones does not a successful drive make. Yes, it rained. Yes, it's VY's first preseason game. Yes, I thought they'd come up with more runs, especially since it was VY's first preseason game. Still, the NFL is a results-oriented league, and the results weren't here this drive for the Titans.
T25110I-Form, 2-WR WeakRunFumbleYoungIso
I've watched this play about 6 times, half of that in slo-mo. It's a basic I-formation run right tackle with Olson creating a seal and Stewart and Scaife on the other side, Hall leading Henry through the hole. Except, as VY's dropping back with the ball, he puts it out too early, and the impact with Hall knocks it out of VY's hands to create the fumble. Hall can't recover, Jarvis Green does, and thus endeth the drive. I toyed with the idea Hall was actually the intended rusher on the play, but he certainly didn't look ready to receive the ball, while Henry did. One note: Harrison was coming from outside Scaife on the play on a blitz and may have intended how much room Hall had to maneuver, forcing him to come farther inside than planned. I'm pretty sure this is all on VY, though.
Drive Notes: Fumble, 7-7, 1Q 9:52. Better to have that problem in the preseason than when games count. Turnovers deep in your own zone are always bad, mmkay?
T45110Shotgun BasePass18ScaifeDrag
Wow, this is a lot trickier than your average Titans preseason play. VY fakes the read option, rolls out a little, and hits Scaife about 10 yards downfield with a throw that just avoids a leaping Tedy Bruschi. (CA)
N371102-TE Strong, 2-WR WeakPass6HenryCheckdown
PA to Henry up the middle, then VY bootlegs a little before dumping it off to Henry about 2 yards downfield. (CA) Henry gets about 3-4 YAC before getting dragged down, for a decent little gain on first down. Bell's hold appears to be on Colvin, to prevent him from getting out to VY on the bootleg action-didn't seem like he did that much from what I can see.
N471203-WR, Slot WeakRun2HenryLeft Tackle
Moulds lines up in Brandon Jones' familiar role, over the TE strong side. They run that direction, and don't get much. The actual stop is made by Pats LE Smith, who came up the line as Stewart's lunging block at the snap missed him almost entirely.
N45218Shotgun 3-WR, Slot StrongPassIncScaifeComeback(?)
By "3-WR," I include Scaife flexed out wide to the strong right side. VY boots that direction, but a pulling Bell doesn't get a good block on Vrabel, the Pats show good pursuit, and VY doesn't have time to set his feet. I can't see quite what Scaife did, or how feasible a completion would have been here. (CA), but maybe a Pressure or Inaccurate would be more accurate.
N45318Shotgun 3-WR, Slot WeakPass7ScaifeDumpoff
VY sees a blitz coming, but the Titans a pretty reasonable job of picking it up. VY feels more pressure than there is, steps up into the pressure, and has to dump it off to Scaife near the LOS to avoid being sacked. The actual throw is an OK one, but (BR) is the grade because VY misread what was happening on the play. He looked like a QB who was not confident in what he was seeing this play-the same feeling I got from him in Week 17 last year against the Pats. Scaife gets some YAC, but doesn't stand a chance of reaching the first down.
Drive Notes: Punt, 7-14, 1Q 4:09. If you don't get good QB play, you have to be exceptional in other facets of play to be successful in the NFL. The QB play the Titans got this drive was not exceptional. Nor were any of the other facets of the game. When those both are true, having a simple thing like a penalty will absolutely kill a drive.
T9110Standard 2-TERun1HenryLeft Tackle
Finnegan screws up the punt, doesn't field it, and the Pats gets 70 with the roll. What should have been decent field position becomes bad field position. Scaife is the TE left and Hartsock next to Stewart. They run left, and there's not much of a hole there. No, I didn't really come up with anything interesting to say about most short runs over the summer.
T1029Strong IRun0HenryDraw
Moulds is lined up over Hartsock and he and Hall are supposed to clear the way for Henry off the deep handoff. But, Moulds does a lousy job blocking Harrison, Hall's work is negated, and Henry doesn't get a thing. I thought Brandon Jones wasn't too bad in that role for the Titans last year, and hopefully trying out Moulds there is a preseason experiment.
T1039Shotgun BasePass11JonesOut(?)
Pretty simple play-Jones lines up outside weak, runs an out, or maybe a comeback, and VY hits him for the first down. (CA)
T21110I-FormationPassIncR. WilliamsIn(?)
Play action, pretty decent protection, and VY throws one for Williams about 16 yards downfield. Alas, Roydell is about 18 yards downfield and not able to come back to get the ball. Bad throw. (IN)
T21210Weak IPassIncMouldsGo(?)
This time it's Hartsock, left side, who's lined up as the FB and Scaife right side flush to the tackle. Another deep drop off play action, and the throw is for Moulds down the sidelines, about 35 yards downfield. The throw looks pretty well placed, at least after Moulds makes an adjustment for it. Watching it on replay, though, it's clear that the throw is late and/or underthrown, as Moulds has to stop or at least slow down his route to wait for the ball. This also lets Rodney Harrison come over, and he makes a good play to bat away what would otherwise have been a nice completion. (.5 CA, .5 IN) to deal with the dual nature of the play.
T21310Shotgun BasePenalty-5YoungDelay of Game
T16315Shotgun StrongPassIncRobyFlat
VY with the boot to the strong side, with Bell again blocking Vrabel and not doing a great job at it. He throws to Roby about 5 yards downfield (on 3&15, why?), and Roby can't come down in bounds. Not a great throw, but Roby should have come down inbounds. Not that it would have mattered much on 3rd down. This is a play where all-22 would really come in handy, to see if VY had any better options for where to throw the ball. (.5 CA, .5 IN)
Drive Notes: Punt, 7-14, 1Q :23. One good throw = one third down conversion. Three mediocre to bad throws = end of drive.
T231102-TE StrongRun2HenryIso
Short run behind Stewart and the TEs. Plow into the line for 2 yards.
T2528Weak IPassIncMouldsDrag
Ah, a familar pass for Eric Moulds-QB with a deep drop, run over the middle, try to catch the ball 2 yards downfield. This time Junior Seau is in the area. Throw is a little low, but Moulds definitely should have had it. (CA)
T2538Shotgun BasePass9YoungScramble
The Pats bring a blitz, and in doing so, create a lane to VY's right. He sees it, smartly takes off, gets the first down, and gets out of bounds without taking a hit. This is not visually spectacular like some of his other runs, but it's a very effective one, especially on 3rd-and-long. (SCR)
Play action, deep drop, pressure coming and VY throws it across the field for Jones. Into double coverage. NOT a good idea, as this pass could easily have been intercepted. Plus, VY takes a hit on the play from Colvin, whom Scaife didn't block particularly well. (BR)
T34210I-Form, 3-WRPassIncJonesDrag
VY with another deep drop. He steps up into the pocket, and tries to hit Brandon Jones over the middle. Only his throw is behind Jones. And also short of Jones 17 yards downfield. (IN)
T34310Shotgun StrongPass12R. WilliamsIn
T34310Penalty-5StewartIllegal Formation
First, the penalty. Stewart is lined up pretty far off the LOS, as is Roos on the other side. I think the Colts did it at least 10 times a game last year-it's something that seems to happen a lot, and the officials hardly ever call it. I'd hoped the NFL would make it a point of emphasis this year, but that didn't happen. On the play, VY stands tall in the pocket as it collapsed around him, and has a low, but good enough, throw to Roydell for 12 and what would have been a first down. (CA)
T29315Shotgun 2-TEPassIncMouldsIn(?)
And, on the play after Stewart gets flagged for doing something lots of teams, but particularly the Colts, did last season, Roos does the other thing, jumping the snap count and getting away with a false start. On the play, VY has a decent, but high, for Moulds 23 yards downfield, and Gay makes a decent play to prevent the completion. A better throw is lower, and Gay can't bat it away. (.5 CA, .5 IN) may be a little harsh on VY, but I'm not inclined to grant too many breaks to somebody who isn't throwing well.
Drive Notes: Punt, 7-14, 2Q 9:53. VY: scramble good, throw bad. Throw bad = bad. Drive Notes eloquent. Understated simplicity. Avoiding fluff. Pass happy drive. Bad with QB playing badly.
T411102-TE Strong, 2-WR WeakPenalty-5JonesFalse Start
A half-decent gain on a half-decent run up the middle supported by half-decent blocking.
T382132-TE Strong, 2-WR WeakPass-8YoungSack
T38213PenaltyDecl.[Moulds]Illegal Motion
Moulds is still running across the formation, and isn't set for a second when the play is snap, thus drawing the flag. It's impossible to know whether this was Moulds' fault or VY's for snapping the ball too early. VY takes a deep drop, takes a deep drop, surveys the field, and is sacked. (BR) may seem like an odd grade, but there was plenty of time for him to make a decision, scramble around for a better passing angle, make a sandwich, etc., and he didn't do it. He evens looks at Henry for the dumpoff, but decides to hang on to the ball. Bad decision, and graded accordingly.
T30321Shotgun 4-WRPass-8YoungSack
Blame this one on Chris Henry. Rodney Harrison is coming from outside Stewart on a blitz. There's another potential blitzer up the middle, and Henry moves there, never seeing Harrison. VY doesn't have a chance. (PR)
Drive Notes: Punt, 7-14, 2Q 7:42. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Nobody looked good this drive.
T261103-WR, Slot WeakPassIncRobySmoke
VY takes a quick drop, and throws immediately to Roby in the slot to his right. Alas, Roby had taken a step sideways, whereas it looked like VY was expect him to take a step forward. (CA), I guess.
T262102-TERun-1HenryOff Tackle
Run left, behind Scaife in a slot/H-back formation. Roos is not able to get a seal on Green, allowing him to make the tackle on Henry.
T25311Shotgun StrongPassIncRobyCurl(?)
VY stands in the pocket, gets off a throw to Roby in the slot to the right side. Harrison comes over the top to prevent the completion. Ah, well. (CA)
Drive Notes: Punt, 7-17, 2Q 3:34. Hey, the Titans did run the quasi-mandatory one ineffective rush that drive. And the passing game continued to sputter. When you're under 3.0 YPA passing, you're in trouble.
T39110I-Form, 3-WRPass22RobyIn(?)
VY takes the drop, rolls outside to see what happens (what I criticized him for not doing, if you'll move your eyes up a little), and finds Roby downfield. Another low throw, but one good enough and a completion. (CA)
N39110Shotgun StrongPass-8YoungSack
So, Henry reads the block properly this time and moves to block the blitzing LB Seau. And does an awful job at it, allowing Seau to get to VY. (PR)
N47218I-Form, 3-WRPass44ScaifeDumpoff
Scaife lined up as the FB here, and he and Henry stay in to block. VY chucks it to him as he's being taken down, and it's actually well-blocked from there. Scaife is able to get tons (~50) YAC, before being brought down at the 3 yard line. If I wanted to be unbelievably generous, I'd call this a middle screen, since it worked out like a perfectly executed one. (CA), I guess, though if Scaife had been tackled for no yardage, I'd probably say VY should have thrown the ball away.
N31GWeak IRun2HenryOff Tackle
The Pats' telecast shows it's not only the big regular season networks who will totally miss the start of the play. The run is probably designed to go more inside, but Henry sees an opening to the outside and cuts it to go outside. Alas, he stumbles around the 6, else he scores easily on the play. That failure notwithstanding, it's nice to see a Titan RB make a decision to cut outside who also has the speed to make it pay off.
N12G2-TERun0YoungQB Sneak
The Titans try to get off the play quickly, to catch the Pats off guard, but it doesn't work. Hall lines up as an H-Back TE here, over Roos, probably to try to spread out the Pats defenders and help the sneak.
N13GStrong I, Standard 2-TEPassIncWallace?
I've tried to minimize my complaints, but damn have the production values for this broadcast sucked. You can't see who catches the kick, or anything else that happens quickly. Like on this play, I see that VY throws the ball into the end zone. And Hall and Wallace were both in the general area of where the ball went. Apparently Wallace did get his hands on it, per Don Criqui. But Criqui (and Randy Cross) never realized Chris Henry never touched the ball on the fumbled handoff earlier, so I don't believe either of them. On the play, Henry correctly picked up Colvin on the blitz, but showed his physical limitations as Colvin simply overpowered him and pushed him backwards toward VY. (CA), I guess.
N14GWeak I, Standard 2-TERun0YoungBootleg
VY on the boot on 4th down, with a pass option. The Pats aren't surprised by the call (I wasn't), and have it decently strung out. I think VY's best option was to work more off the block of Amano, but he goes inside and tries to find a lane. Alas, it doesn't work.
Drive Notes: Downs, 7-17, 2Q :22. A fitting end for a throughly mediocre first half offensively. One of the Titans' strengths last year was the red zone offense. They finally make it there with their starting QB, and phfft they go.

Passing chart:

@ Pats012.54.5313

VY got a little better as the game went on, at least in the sense that he stopped making lots of awful throws. Hey, awful to mediocre is part of why the Football Outsiders prediction for Tampa Bay is so good this year.

UPDATE (8/19 2305 CT): Pass chart up. More updating to come, likely.
UPDATE (8/20 0020 CT): I have a post on UFR up at Total Titans.

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