Monday, September 10, 2007

Thoughts on College Football: Week Two

See, as always, SMQ's more cogent and extensive thoughts. I saw more than I expected, but still not that much.

Louisville 58 Middle Tennessee State 42
Uh, Louisville has a good offense. And some defensive problems. I was mostly watching the Saints play the Colts, so I didn't see much of this game.

Rutgers 41 Navy 24
Another game I didn't see much of. Still, Ray Rice, 37 carries? Still in the game late in the 4th quarter, up 34-17? This is bad coaching by Schiano.

Nebraska 20 Wake Forest 17
I saw part of the fourth quarter of this game. Um, Nebraska's offense didn't look very effective. Their defense isn't bad, but nor is it particularly good. A Top 25 team, but closer to #25 than #10, I think.

Oregon 39 Michigan 7
Ha ha! Mike Hart is awesome; somebody, I think in one of the FO threads, said Michigan looked like a bunch of guys who could be playing for Purdue and also Mike Hart. This could be a really, really long year for the Wolverines.

Penn State 31 Notre Dame 10
When you're at a wedding reception that's about 75% Irish Catholic, this is the game you end up watching a lot of. Notre Dame's offense is absolutely DREADFUL. They don't have an offensive line. Or a running back. Or a quarterback. The defense isn't great, either. As to Penn State, I still have no confidence in Anthony Morelli.

Texas 31 TCU 10
I saw a little of this game, continuously mostly after the PSU-ND game was over, but bits and pieces of it before then. TCU didn't really do anything on offense the entire game-their TD came after a Colt McCoy turnover. I've fallen out of love with McCoy, mostly--his ceiling probably isn't as high as I thought it was, and he's more prone to errors than I thought he was last year. Still, he sometimes seem to have that indefinable "it" quality that separates very good quarterbacks who win games from, say, Chad Henne. I'm not sure he can overcome the specter of Mack Brown-ness like VY did, though.

LSU 48 Virginia Tech 7
Uh, I didn't see much of this game. It got ugly, early.

I can't wait for Saturday's Notre Dame-Michigan game. 0-2 v. 0-2 in the Craptastic Midwest Traditional Powers Regular-Season-Bowl!

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