Sunday, October 21, 2007

Book Review: Brand NFL

I believe I've remarked on it before, but there are a number of very good or excellent books on baseball, but very few of those on the NFL. To date, I've only found two of those, namely Instant Replay by Jerry Kramer and America's Game by Michael MacCambridge. I'm pleased to add a third book to that list, namely Michael Oriard's Brand NFL: Making & Selling America's Favorite Sport.

Oddly enough, I first heard about this book from Washington Post book critic Jonathan Yardley, whose full review I commend most heartily to you. As with my review of Instant Replay, I am loath to add to Yardley's fine work, but will only add encomia to Oriard for writing about the game we both love from a knowledgeable, sympathetic, yet not uncritical perspective. So, yeah, if you think you might like it, go read it.

EDIT (3/8/10 2201 CT): Found an interview with Prof. Oriard did with UNC Press about Brand NFL while looking for stuff on Bowled Over.

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