Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thoughts on College Football: Week Eight

Again, the obligatory link to SMQ, the inspiration for all of this and the best college football blog out there. See also a scoreboard and the Seventh Day Adventure thread.

Rutgers 30 - South Florida 27
About all of what I have to say on this game I said on the SDA thread:
So, what does this tell me about USF?
1. The offensive line didn’t do a good job of protecting Grothe. RU was able to get pretty consistent pressure, particularly in the second half.
2. USF outside of Grothe was not able to run the ball consistently.
3. Grothe didn’t make enough plays, and made some bad plays that helped cost his team the game, in part because of 1.
4. USF is a well-coached college team, but not particularly so. If USF wins a national championship under Leavitt, it will be because of the strength of the program, not because he outcoaches the other guy (unless it’s somebody like Les Miles, whom I still have little respect for as a coach).
5. Rice ended up with 39 carries for 181. The USF defense made some good stops, especially later in the 4th to give the offense a chance, but had been gashed for long runs earlier in the game.
6. I’m sorry I cursed Alvarado-if USF hits their FGs, they win the game, notwithstanding everything else they did wrong.
7. This result still looks like an upset to me. If they played 100 times on a neutral field, I’d expect USF to win maybe 65 times. USF is in my eyes still a top 10 team.

UConn 21 - Louisville 17
Most of the ESPN/2 Friday night games have sucked. This one wasn't much of an exception. See SMQ for the fair catch that wasn't. I was really not impressed by Brohm this game-total dinky dunk offense, no downfield action at all. Some credit, obviously, goes to UConn's defense, but I'm not giving them that much.

USC 38 - Notre Dame 0
Ha ha. Also, the Vidal Hazelton TD is really, really fun, as in atrociously bad defense. I saw this play on ESPNews at a restaurant and a 6 year old laughed.

Ohio State 24 - Michigan State 17
Note to all: Michigan State had 2 defensive TDs, not offensive accomplishment.

Kansas 19 - Colorado 14
Win and go on, win and go on. I haven't Kansas much, but they haven't looked like a great team when I have. Still, if they go undefeated I think they'd be worthy of playing in the BCS CG.

Oregon 55 - Washington 34
Oregon had 43 first downs, just short of the record of 45. Also, 2 rushers over 100 yards and QB Dennis Dixon with 98 officially.

Virginia 18 - Maryland 17
Virginia scores the go-ahead TD with :24 seconds left. Only the clock runs down to :16 before the refs bother to call it. Virginia converted a 4th down with a very questionable spot earlier in the drive.

Michigan 27 - Illinois 17
Illinois can't pass. Early success passing gave them a 14-3 lead, but they couldn't stop a Michigan team playing without Mike Hart. Henne actually had a very good game when he was in, which was about 2.5 quarters. I suspect I won't be hearing much about the Illini on Monday at work.

LSU 30 - Auburn 24
Something you probably don't expect from me, but kudos to LSU QB Matt Flynn, who, a week after having a poor performance in the Tigers' loss to Kentucky, completed 22 of 34 for 319 and 3 TDs and an INT on a pass dropped by a WR. His total included the game-winning TD with ":01" left. That's ":01", because the pass was caught with :04 left and :03 ran off the clock to reduce Auburn's chance of coming back. Kudos to Auburn, though, for scoring a TD with 3:21 to go after an 11 play, 82 yard drive. That doesn't mean, however, that I have any confidence in Brandon Cox's quality as a QB. I coined the "Brandon Cox mantra: 'at least it wasn't a turnover,'" for Tiger fans to repeat after their QB made yet another poor/stupid play. He's not as bad as Reggie Ball, at least most of the time (4 completion, 4 INT game v. Georgia last year a notable exception), and ended up with superficially decent stats, but simply doesn't play well enough on a regular basis to give me much confidence in Auburn's ability to beat non-lousy teams, plus the lows (see aforementioned performance v Georgia) to give other teams a chance to win the game. Yes, excellence in college football is overly determined by whether or not a team has a good, bad, or mediocre QB.

Yeah, I saw more college pigskin than I expected I would this week. Next week should see a return to a full viewing schedule and concomitant recap.

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