Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thoughts on College Football: Week Seven

Yes, it's been a while since I've done this. For the inspiration, see SMQ's take on the week that was.

Wake Forest 24 - Florida State 21
Oddly enough, Florida State hadn't lost since their season-opening loss to Clemson. Even in this screwed up year, that didn't mean anybody thought they were very good, but they had at least beaten Colorado the week before the Buffaloes upset Oklahoma. The problems with the Seminoles remain: shaky QB play, inconsistent WR play, and above all a weak offensive line. Oh, yeah, and Wake's not that good. But they weren't that good last year, either.

Michigan 48 - Purdue 21
Yeah, that Purdue team some people thought was good? Never mind. UM's defense may not be quite as horrible as they appeared to be the first couple weeks, or at least running a spread doesn't automatically equate to offensive success.

Ohio State 48 - Kent State 3
I don't trust this Ohio State team-sustained offensive success doesn't seem to be part of their makeup, but they keep winning. The defense is pretty good. They deserve to be #2, behind USF, but sooner or later the offense will almost certainly have to score points at a key time, and I have no confidence they will.

Iowa 10 - Illinois 6
Oh, yeah, that Illinois offense that was so good against Wisconsin the week before? Iowa stayed in their lanes. Without big holes, Illinois' offense sputtered. Juice Williams isn't a good passer, and they needed him to be this game. He was shaken up, and Eddie McGee came in. He had a long TD pass that was called back for a STUPID ineligible man downfield penalty, and moved the team downfield, but threw a game-killing interception at the goalline. This Illinois team doesn't really suck, which may mean the Alamo Bowl this year, but that doesn't mean I have to respect them.

Kentucky 43 - LSU 37
Triple OT, and the #1 team in the country falls. My predictions of doom at the beginning of the year proved well-founded, as Matt Flynn finished 17 of 35 for a mere 130 yards and a key interception in the fourth quarter. And LSU's rushing couldn't save the game. Andre Woodson threw 2 INTs, but is one of better QBs in college football, and so often that's the determinant of which teams are good and win and which teams aren't and don't.

Auburn 9 - Arkansas 7
Darren McFadden: 17 carries, 42 yards. Heisman campaign over. This game was an insult to offense for virtually the whole thing. Yeah, the defenses may not be terrible, but neither team has an offense.

Oregon State 31 - Cal 28
See above re QB play. Cal QB Nate Longshore was out, forcing redshirt freshman Riley into a starting position. OrSU QB Canfield is a regular, and capable of both good performances and bad performances. When you get one of the good ones, going against a team that doesn't get one, you can win a game. It also doesn't hurt to have a decent RB like Yvenson Bernard. OrSU also did a good job defensively against DeSean Jackson, though at the cost of letting Hawkins have a good game (9-192, 2 TD).

Arizona State 44 - Washington 20
I bailed on this game at halftime, so I missed Arizona State's 31-3 second half performance. I had good thoughts about Rudy Carpenter while watching this game, though an interception helped quell those. Still, he's only a junior, and before the INT, he was really looking to me like he could be a legit NFL QB for the fist time in his career. Since Arizona State is still undefeated, at least until hosting Cal in two weeks, I'll be seeing more of Carpenter and watching him with some interest.

Boise State 69, Nevada 67
Most points ever by a winning team! Granted, it took 4 OTs to do it, but they managed. The game was 44-44 at the end of regulation, and all you really need to know was what happened the first two OTs. Nevada came out with a TD on its first play. Boise reciprocated, then scored again on their first play on the second OT. Nevada finally broke the string with an incompletion on their first play of second overtime, but continued the trend with a TD the next play. For those keeping score, that's 5 plays, 100 yards, 4 TDs, and 0 tackles. FGs in the 3rd OT, then Boise converted the 2 in their 4th OT possession and Nevada couldn't.

It looks like next week will feature another trip out of town during the day on Saturday, though it doesn't look like I'll be missing any particularly good games. The best bets look like the 2:30 CT games, with Kentucky hosting its second straight prominent team, as the Florida Gators come into town. I'll see if I can't say what I can say about what I can see.

UPDATE (10/14, 2334 CT): Illini backup QB is Eddie McGee. Stephen McGee plays for Texas A&M. Sorry.

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