Friday, January 11, 2008


For those of you who are football coaches and in need of employment, please check out this job application, posted online by the University of Hawaii. Apparently they are looking for someone to fill position number 80110, UH-Manoa Athletics, viz. "Head Football Coach." As I noted in a comment over at Total Titans, this isn't really a great job.

Looking for a little gimmickry in your offense? Have some poorly drafted rules? Check out the A-11 offense, so named because all 11 players are eligible. Alas, to the disappointment of those to whom I pointed this out, I'm pretty sure it doesn't actually work in either college or the NFL. Link gakked from Smart Football's awesome post on the history of the shotgun offense. I could link to everything Chris writes over there. In fact, I think I have in my list of bookmarks every post he's written in the past 5 months. It's not NFL-centric, and the posts aren't short, but they're all very good.

If you're interested in the NFL playoffs, and whether or not the Pats will win the Super Bowl, you really, really, really need to read Mike Tanier's article The Blueprint on Football Outsiders. Seriously, go read it. Right now. In other FO news, check out the Slate dialogue between Aaron Schatz of FO and K.C. Joyner, formerly of obsessed independent-land and now of

Back from the time of the Sean Taylor shooting, Len Pasquarelli mostly confirms the suspected treatment of cap money for a deceased player-tentatively, it's treated as though Taylor were released effective during the next cap year, which in his case is 2008. No base salary is due to him for that year, but his remaining cap charge is accelerated. Of course, Aiello noted that the NFL could screw around with the cap and come up with ad hoc rules that sound good-he doesn't actually say that, of course, but that's the implication I took.

Last but not least, I commend to you this article from the Indianapolis Star on what college football programs look for in recruiting high school prospects.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Titans Playoffs

Today, the Tennessee Titans' season ended with a 17-6 loss to the San Diego Chargers. I have two posts up at Total Titans on the game, the first a liveblog of the game, and the second a game recap.

Book review coming this week. UFR also a possibility.

UPDATE (1/10 2359 CT): Hey, the Wall Street Journal's daily column on sportswriting noticed my game recap. I'm famous, or something. Actually, this was my second mention in the Daily Fix-my first came for winning the 2003 baseball postseason contest. Still, now I can say that "I've been quoted by the Wall Street Journal in the same breath as the Washington Post and the New York Times." I mean, that's not half as bad as what some people have in their resumes, is it?