Saturday, February 16, 2008

I'm Back

Well, sort of. I broke my silence briefly by posting on the new Hall of Fame inductees. Well, now that I have a little time and my computer's working properly, it's time to make some more comments on football-related matters. I have a couple book reviews to do, still, but I'll start with some links and comments on various football subjects from around the web.

As SI has redesigned its site over the years, it's become harder to find Dr. Z's previous All Pro selections. So, I went ahead and collected them. 1999 where Jevon Kearse was the lone Titan. In 2000, D-Mase made it as a returner and for his all-around contributions. In 2001, not a single Titan made the team. 2002's team featured Steve McNair at QB for taking the team places it didn't look like it could; Bulluck wasn't selected, but played well enough he could have in another year. Mac-9 made it again in 2003, and Bulluck finally beat out the competition. Bulluck made it again in 2004. In 2005, SI split the article into two, one for offense, and another for defense. Alas, both Bulluck and KVB were mentioned but neither made the team. 2006 featured VY as Rookie of the Year, and Haynesworth and Bulluck were both mentioned but didn't make it. For 2007, Haynesworth made it, but alas Bulluck didn't even garner a mention. He probably didn't deserve to make it, but I guess the 2005 and 2006 failure to make it knocked him out of contention. Or something.

I really wish I hadn't taken my little break, because I missed the opportunity to talk about the bizarro recruiting story of the guy who claimed to be signing with Cal who was never recruited by anybody. I'm flabbergasted anybody believed any this guy. The whole thing smelled, and making up the story about some guy who told defrauded you didn't have an ounce of believability. Just fess up sooner, there'll be less pain that way.

Finally, for now, this isn't technically about football, but it's sports-related and important, so I'm mentioning it anyway. Two links from The Sports Economist, which will be one of the first links when I do a non-football sports blogroll, both on public investment in sports facilities. First, a pointer to a Philly Inquirer article that does a good job of getting quotes from both sides on the economic impact. Second, the Pierce County, Washington Executive John Ladenburg claimed hosting the 2015 U.S. Open (men's golf) would have a total economic impact of $100 million, double what hosting the 2001 MLB All Star Game did for Seattle. Better go buy your TIPS now if inflation is really going to be 500-1000+% over the next 7 years.

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