Saturday, April 05, 2008

Book Review: Saturday Rules

Another week, another book review on college football. This time, it's Saturday Rules by Austin Murphy. Murphy, a long-time writer for Sports Illustrated on the college gridiron game, traces the path through the 2006 season. Saturday Rules is essentially a journalistic account of his experiences traveling around the country covering college football. It is by no means a definitive story of the 2006 season, though most of the major highlights are covered. If you're obsessed by the 2006 college football season, you'll love this book.

Unfortunately, if you don't fall into the probably quite small category, there's not much to recommend this book. There are no broader insights into the college game, no particular moments of brilliance. If an SI game story represents the apotheosis of sportswriting for you, Saturday Rules isn't too bad. But, now, there's no real reason to read this book. It's generally not-bad enough that it doesn't feel like a complete waste of time (not to say that it's perfect-LaRon Landry's name is "LeRon", for one, and he praises Charlie Weis for bad use of timeouts), but, really, I didn't get anything out of reading this book, and I'm not sure that anyone else would either.

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