Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Draft Commentary Roundup

Many analysts, though not all, thought as poorly of the Titans' draft as I did. Here's a summary:

Rick Gosselin: B (A+ - C range). Good words for Hawkins, Hayes, and Keglar in the 4th round. Johnson provides offensive speed. I, well, disagree, but YMMV.

Michal David Smith: D+ (A - F range). Johnson a bad pick, though not a bad player. Ignored biggest need, WR, until 4th round.

Mel Kiper: C (A - C- range). "[T]he philosophy is skewed" basically sums up my view of things.

Jason Cole: D (A - D- range). Repeat RB-WR point.

Pro Football Weekly. No grades. Johnson "one of the major surprises of Round One" and "may never be more than a part-time player."

NBCSports.com: D+ (A - D+ range). "An odd draft." First four picks were all risks.

JJ Cooper: C- (range?). Johnson a part time player, waited too long to address WR, Stevens the best blocking TE on the team, Hayes a reach.

For more on turning a sow's ear into a silk purse, check out Mike Reinfeldt and Jeff Fisher before the media. See also the Tennesseean summary of draft grades. See also Paul Kuharsky analyzing the recent draft trends.

Go back to Mike Reinfeldt's comments before the Rotary Club, analyzed here. Query for Mike Reinfeldt: what player the Titans drafted could be one of their "10 or 12 special guys"? Sitting here, it sure doesn't look like any of them could be expected to be.

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