Sunday, July 02, 2006

Book Review: The Education of a Coach

NOTE: Imported from The Other Blog May 3, 2008. In light of Ernie Adams' role in this story, I'm tempted to re-read it. If and when I do so, I'll update this post.

The Education of a Coach is David Halberstam, the fine journalist/contemporary historian on Bill Belichick. If you're not a serious Patriots fan, you'll probably learn something by reading this book. If you are, you probably won't. I plowed through this one in a couple hours. It's very much a journalistic style of biography, rather than a scholarly one. If you're a fan of the person, you probably like the book. If not, what you're looking for is something deeper, that goes beyond the person himself. I'm the latter for Belichick, and I didn't find what I was looking for. I'm beginning to think Halberstam is like the British historian Paul Johnson, at his best when he's writing about people he doesn't like (or maybe The Best and the Brightest was only good because I read it almost 10 years ago).

UPDATE (4/11/09 0931 CT): I did take another look at this book, and posted an updated and more detailed review.

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