Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Book Review: Rozelle

A couple times, notably with Brand NFL and Instant Replay, all "my" "review" has consisted of is linking to a column (in both those cases by perhaps my favorite book critic, Jonathan Yardley of the Washington Post). Another source of occasionally very good reviews is Amazon, to which I invariably link the book title. And so it is here, with Rozelle by Jeff Davis. Jeff Davis apparently wrote a quite reasonable biography of George Halas. This is not that book. This Amazon review captures well the (quite substantial) limitations in Davis' book. Rozelle's failure is particularly disappointing, because MacCambridge's outstanding America's Game doesn't explain well the last half or so of Rozelle's commissionership, including particularly his influence on the offense-favoring rule changes of 1978 and his role in the labor problems of the 1980's and the resolution thereof. Nevertheless, what's in America's Game on Pete Rozelle is a still a darned sight better than anything in Rozelle on the ostensible subject of the book. Really not recommended, because there are at least 50 better things you could be watching on TV right now.


Jon said...

I'm almost finished with this bbok. I'm doing research on Bowie Kuhn and wanted to compare him to Rozelle. But this book is more about some stuff that happened in the NFL than it is about the commish. Alot of digressions on stuff like the history of Compton. I think that I learned more about Bobby Layne than I did about Pete Rozelle.

Have you ever read The League by David Harris? I think that may have some info on the latter part of Rozelle's commissionership.

Tom said...

Thanks for commenting. I haven't read The League, nor is it on my list of football books to read. Thanks for the recommendation.