Saturday, May 03, 2008


In the next couple days, I'll be working on posts previewing the offense and defense like the ones I did last year. In the meantime, here are a couple links:

Terry McCormick of the Nashville City Paper took a look at where the draft picks will fit in.

Recent blogroll addition 53 Deep continued his look at the 2007 NFL season, grading the linemen in the Week 5 NFL Replay games. Titans: Roos #2 of 10 LT, Bell #6 of 10 LG, Mawae #3 of 11 C, Olson #4 of 12 RG, Stewart #7 of 11 RT. Grades not adjusted for opponents. Note the entire Falcon OL graded out as below-average.

Roger Goodell talked to the New York Times. He's good at not saying anything in a way that makes me uncomfortable. I supported his candidacy for the commissionership, but, well, that was a mistake.

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