Monday, May 26, 2008


Some miscellaneous links:

53 Deep continued his look at offensive line play in the NFL Network Replay games. He has kind things to say about both Mawae and Stewart; I suspect Mawae wore down as the year went on.

I was going to post a link to an article on somebody who may be a little like the NFL's equivalent of William Wesley, but the link I had expired, and I don't remember his name. If you haven't heard of Wesley, check out TrueHoop's archives on the man. He's like the anti-me, so it's fascinating reading.

Over at P-F-R blog, Chase Stuart did an interesting series on the black QB in NFL history. Here is Part IV, with links to I, II, and III therein. As an Oilers/Titans fan, this is something I have somewhat of a rooting interest in, but, frankly, I don't care. Moon, McNair, and now VY are NFL QBs, and I'll do my damnedest to judge them on how well they perform as NFL QBs, and that's it.

More from P-F-R blog, changes in NFL player size over time. Yeah, they're bigger now.

Fun with the salary cap: how well teams use the cap and some of its arcana.

An SMQ guest with a detailed explanation of the Flexbone offense. Football geekery at its finest (that's a compliment).

One of the more fantastic examples of the bone offense was the great Oklahoma team that lost in The Game of the Century. The QB for that team was Jack Mildren, whom I mentioned in my review of Saturday's America. I noticed a couple searches to that in my referrers, and it turned out that Mildren recently passed away. RIP. For more on him as a college QB, check out EDSBS, and the video therein. Very impressive stuff.

More substantive material should be coming in the next couple days, depending on how much time I spend at work.

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