Tuesday, June 10, 2008


More links. I'll see if I can't update more than I have been lately.

A follow-up from my last post, I wondered what Yakuza Rich would think of Roger Rex reinstating Pacman. He posted a comment in the FO thread, and said . . . exactly what you'd expect a Dallas fan who'd criticized Goodell before to say. Goodell knows where his bread is buttered.

I've hinted at this before, but here's a piece on the effect of the credit market on stadium financing. An already-dubious idea (public financing of stadiums) becomes more expensive. I feel bad for most of the people who will have their pocketbooks hit because of these subsidies.

A college football playoff is pretty much inevitable, given a sufficiently long time-frame (15 years, say), and this post from Coaches Hot Seat shows way: CHA-CHING. I strongly doubt their numbers for playoff revenue are anywhere close to accurate (cut them in half, I'm guessing), though I have no relevant industry experience, but even at that level the college presidents won't resist the siren song forever. Alas, this'll probably help kill my interest in college football, so thankfully it's a few years away. See also SMQ on the same (the inevitability of a playoff point, not my distaste for it).

The NYT, in its typical timely fashion, discovers some very smart people are trying to analyze ideal football strategy. Of course, the nature of some of these decisions is that people aren't making them, giving a perhaps distorted view of what would happen if decisions were made in the "ideal" manner. I'm also not in the least bit surprised to see Jeff Fisher rank around the bottom quartile of NFL head coaches when it comes to making intelligent decisions.

A look at 10 years of draft history, from P-F-R blog. The Oilers/Titans rank a little above average when it comes to first round value, and almost at the top of the pack when it comes to finding value in the middle and later rounds, headlined by the Jon Runyan and Derrick Mason picks. It's generally hard to pick good players there, but Reese and company did pretty well at it for quite a while. Just how well may not be apparent unless you've done a lot of looking at draft picks, which I have, I have.

Some interesting thoughts on salary caps from Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. I think he misses the heart of the conflict among the owners, which will be at least as severe as the struggle between the players and the owners. I still fear a baseball-style resolution, where the lesser owners (Pirates + Marlins/Bills + Browns?) get a near-guaranteed profit and the bigger teams (BoSox + Yankees/Cowboys + Patriots) get to buy near-guaranteed success, and I think that'll be the most likely outcome.

Finally, some thoughts from MGoBlog on his grievances with sports blogs. You will not find (a) pictures of attractive women, (b) Erin Andrews fetishization, (d) "Blank" Nation, or (e) countdown posts. I do reserve the right to do picks posts, as it's something I've meant to do, but will endeavor to do them as part of general preview posts rather than on their own.

I know I said "finally" there, but I also must mention that over on Total Titans, we're voting on a Tennessee-era all-time team. Only 10 years, so some of the picks are near no-brainers, but it's an interesting enough exercise for June. I hope to have a post up there on another topic that'll get me flamed in the next couple days, and will link to it here when I get that done.

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