Monday, June 02, 2008


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The NFL's rules are generally well-considered and good at discouraging strategic behavior. But, now always, as the Giants' recent signing of Renaldo Wynn makes clear-the Giants waited until after June 1 to avoid having it affect their compensatory picks for next year. I suspect there are two factors at work here. First, June 1 used to be more of a cap-friendly release date. That's changed, because of the ability to designate earlier releases as post-June 1 releases that spread over the next two years. Thus, post-June 1 signing were by more cash-strapped teams, the kind that couldn't sign free agents. In this way, excluding post-June 1 signings from the compensatory formula made sense. But, it doesn't anymore. The second rationale, which is still valid, is post-June 1 free agents tend to be the dregs of the market, and teams are generally set. But, this isn't necessarily true, and players are valued on how productive they are for their team, not how good they are. Either way, I believe the rule is obsolete and should be changed. HT to PFT.

PFT: good for links, bad for analysis. See, e.g., Florio's recent column on why not having a cap wouldn't be too bad. So, if you assume bad management by big-money teams, continue the revenue sharing adopted to get the current CBA to work, and assume the draft stays in place unchanged (three bad assumptions), then life won't be too bad.

Thoughts spurred by the Lexington Herald-Leader: one thing I've taken heat for on my posts over at Total Titans is that I'm "too critical" to actually be a fan of the team. I must confess, the attitude that criticizing a team or its players means I'm not a fan puzzles me greatly. One of my goals in blogging about my favorite team is to say something intelligent. Sometimes that means being complimentary; other times, it doesn't.

I promise, I don't link to Yakuza Rich's posts sometimes just because he thinks Roger Goodell is as bad as I do.

Speaking of YR, he's a Dallas Cowboys fan, so I'll be curious to see his take, if any, on Goodell's limited reinstatement of Pacman Jones today. This is contrary to my expectations. But, one of my bigger problems with Roger Rex is he's in thrall to the more financially important owners. See, e.g., Bob Kraft and downplaying Spyage. See also Jerry Jones and reinstating Pacman Jones? Probably, though there's no way to be sure. No, I'm not just saying this because I'm on record as saying Pacman would never be reinstated.

Back to Yakuza Rich, he ranked the NFL's punters. The method is pretty opaque, and it's hard to disaggregate good punters and bad coverage teams, but the results seem generally valid. I'm encouraged by seeing McBriar not in the top 5, though I think he's still too high at #10-he's a classic high-gross, low-net punter, and would be really exposed on a team like the Titans with mediocre coverage units.

Another thing I do that makes some people question my fanhood is say nice things about opposing players. Particularly, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Peyton Manning as a quarterback-the way he plays, the way he works, the respect he has for the game. Habitually writing retired players is just a manifestation of that, and something else I applaud him for.

Finally, when I do these link agglomerations on The Other Blog, I like to end with a more amusing link. To that end, I conclude this session with SMQ on Athlon Sports' 2008 Preview of Mrs. Kirkland's 6th-8th Grade Homeroom.

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