Monday, July 21, 2008

Maintenance Note, and Total Titans

Please note the new email address on the sidebar. I'll still be checking the old one, but not as frequently.

I have a couple posts up at Total Titans I haven't bothered to mention here yet. First, I've thus far written new entries in our preview of the Titans by position as we head into training camp: the quarterbacks and the centers. Neither post is particularly interesting, unless you're looking for ruminations on the Titans' #3 QB spot.

I do, however, have one post that's hopefully at least somewhat interesting: a look at which Tennessee-era players might make the Hall of Fame. Excepting Bruce Matthews, who is of course already in the Hall, my answer is that none of them will. With young players, this can change, of course-if Michael Roos makes 10 of the next 12 Pro Bowls and is All-Pro 6 times, it'd be a different conversation.

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