Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blogroll Update

I added a couple sites under the Titans Links category on the sidebar, several of which I should have added a while ago. If you see any sites I'm missing, let me know. Vaguely original content and focus on Titans required. Exceptions for reasonably focused blogs that are Titans heavy and very good-currently this is Paul Kuharsky's AFC South Blog for ESPN, and not just because he devoted a post to a question I asked. Also, the Nashville City Paper doesn't get a link until they put up a Titans page instead of the basic sports page they have now. Seriously, don't give me a reason not to visit your website. You can also lobby for inclusion under Football Links, but that's limited to sites I read regularly and think are good.

That's right, we're starting a football season and I'm starting to finally act like it. UFR coming tomorrow-preseason game 1, new feature probably Thursday, an actual game Friday, and I'll finally post vJAX UFR over the weekend probably. As always, dates may see slipped. Except for that actual game thing-they don't schedule and reschedule NFL games based on my whim, alas.

UPDATE (8/13/08 2232 CT): Dr. Saturday, Yahoo's new CFB blogger, f/k/a SMQ, real name Matt Hinton, replaces SMQ on the blogroll.

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