Saturday, August 16, 2008


It's been a couple weeks since I've done one of these link agglomerations, so we'll see exactly what I come up with that's still semi-relevant.

Call me Deacon Blues. If Alabama is going to act like a for-profit institution, they should be taxed as such, or at least the football program should.

From the days of yore, Dr. Saturday (back when he was SMQ) takes a look at which non-BCS teams might make a BCS bowl, based on what other near big bowl non-BCS teams have had in common. BYU looks best. See also his analysis of what BCS champions have had in common, though his preseason poll has Florida and not Ohio State on top as that look would suggest.

Yakuza Rich ranked the NFL's top 5 by position. He's a Cowboys homer, and the list is NFC-heavy, but interesting. Titans listed include Mawae, Stewart, Haynesworth, and Bironas.

Andrew Brandt (back in the days of his own site) is skeptical of the Jason Taylor acquisition. See also this Rick Gosselin column, pointing out Redskin GM Vinny Cerrato's history with aging pass rushers in San Francisco.

The financial success blahs of hosting the Olympics, news from Sydney edition. Prediction: successful Olympic bids are correlated strongly with political monolithicism. This speaks highly of Chicago's chances with the Daley machine.

Dart throwing! Coaches Hot Seat ranked the top 100 assistants. The authors of this blog are either insanely connected insiders or just making up a bunch of shit. I lean moderately towards the latter.

Rich Karcher of Sports Law Blog mocks the NCAA's decision to permit fantasy sports with college players.

I'll be doing a preview of the Colts for Total Titans. If it's half as good as this MGoBlog preview of Purdue, I'll be pleased. See also Penn State.

SMQ showing off his insane knowledge of the hugely disjunctive world of college football: up-and-coming defensive and offensive teams.

Rick Gosselin with a good look at something we already knew: tackle stats are silly. I try to avoid mentioning them in my game recaps, I don't mention them in my analysis of players, and I generally ignore all references to them. The table at the bottom is the key part: there's no reason other than stat padding some teams should average 1.8 tackles per defensive play and some 1.15. Given that all teams that use the official scorer stats are under 1.25, that makes it particularly silly.

Time to go to Vegas. The Ohio State-USC line opened at USC -3.5 and has gone up. I know they have a good defense, but there's no way they're breaking 20 without multiple non-offense scores, and I don't think the defense is that good.

And now, the raisin in the sausage end: the definitive word on the A-11 offense, from Chris Brown of Smart Football.

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