Monday, August 11, 2008

Preseason Game 1: v. Rams

The Titans won, 34-13. I did a preview and post-game thoughts over at Total Titans. As I did last preseason, I'll be doing UFR for the first team offense, which means when VY was in the game. As a bonus, and because I want to, I'll also be adding Chris Johnson's 66 yard touchdown run. Alternatively, I may use that play to test out another post idea I've had for this year-details to come if/when I decide about that.

I also have UFR done for most, but not all of the second Jaguar game, but didn't feel like formatting just the partial game. That'll also be up in the next couple days. Likely, one of STL or JAX will be up Monday night, and the other will be up Tuesday or Wednesday. If I hadn't been a lazy bum this weekend, I'd have either or both done by now and a book review, but I played a bunch of Madden instead. That 2017 season is really important, y'know.

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