Friday, August 29, 2008

Titans Cuts Through Aug. 29

It's been mentioned in the comments section, both here and at Total Titans, but the Titans so far have released 13 players:

CB Marquice Cole
RB Omar Cuff
LB Jerrell Freeman
DB Tuff Harris
S Tony Joiner
OL Enoka Lucas
QB Ingle Martin
OL Jason Murphy
OL Isaac Snell
K John Vaughn
OL Fernando Velasco
CB Cary Williams
WR Edward Williams

Going back to my roster prediction, the guys on there so far cut already are QB Ingle Martin and CB Marquice Cole. The cut of Martin, despite my prediction he'd make the team, isn't overly much of a surprise-the Titans haven't kept three QBs the past couple years aside from Volek pre-trade in 2006. I suspect the cut of Cole means the Titans will go with 10 DBs, and improves Colin Allred's chances of making the team.

Just to note: I watched Bironas during practice before last night's game, and he seemed like he was 100%-he hit about everything, including from 54 with room to spare, and was noticeably better than Vaughn. If it was a regular season game, I'm confident Bironas would have played and done just fine.

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