Sunday, August 17, 2008

Titans Success Rate

I don't know how long I'll manage to keep it up, but here are all the Titans rushers with the Success Rate. Data collection and analysis done by me, from NFL PBP logs.

BackWeekCarriesYardsSuccess Rate
WhiteP 163366.7%
P 283962.5%
P 4165550.0%
JohnsonP 167733.3%
P 284637.5%
P 3113545.4%
P 482450.0%
HenryP 193844.4%
P 252840.0%
P 33533.3%
P 4102440.0%
GantherP 1811575.0%
P 231666.7%
P 341750.0%
TEAMP 12926355.1%
P 22412950.0%
P 3185744.4%
P 43410347.1%

Carries by Omar Cuff not included.

UPDATE: I had a Henry run erased by penalty included in my numbers. Fixed now. Not many comments so far. White has been more productive than I anticipated. Chris Johnson really looks like a boom-and-bust guy-the problem with them is if they don't go boom often enough, they totally suck. Ganther's been really productive.

UPDATE #2 (8/23/08 2308 CT): Preseason Week 3 added.

UPDATE #3 (9/1/08 1024 CT): Preseason Week 4 added.

UPDATE #4 (9/1/08 1053 CT): Added some observations.

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