Friday, September 26, 2008


Been a while since I've done this, and I have a ton of links. I'll spread these out into a couple posts.

Bob Daive, of all people, with a useful piece on what is zone blocking.

Roger Rex's plan for a longer regular season: just another example of being in bed with the deep pocketed owners? Per Roger Rex, it could happen as soon as 2010. I have a really bad feeling about the future of the NFL, starting in 2010.

The best players by team since 1950, AFC edition, using PFR's AV statistic. Eddie George ranks ahead of Earl Campbell. See also the NFC.

Stuff that would never happen today: the Texas coaching staff taught Oklahoma the wishbone.

Fun story from Andrew Brandt of Ahman Green and how he ended up a Texan. Green Bay definitely has the college style of love for players that I just criticized Nashville for.

How the Redskins hired their defensive coordinator, from Mike Wise of the WaPo. Excellent reporting, assuming it's, y'know, true.

Biz of Football interviewed Andrew Brandt about National Football Post and some of the financial issues in the NFL these days.

Draft yapping: a preseason look at top prospects on offense and defense.

More hatred for Roger Rex: bad timing on a suspension.

Credit where credit is due: Music City Miracles scored an interview with Jeff Diamond.

Finally, since I can't leave a competitor the last word, thoughts on the passing of Gene Upshaw from Andrew Brandt.


Jon said...

That Davie piece is from a while back. It's dated October 3 (I'm not sure what year), but it did help explain some stuff for me.

Tom said...

The Davie piece is a couple years old-not sure exactly how many, but I saw a pointer to it somewhere (I'm lazy when it comes to posting hat tips on these link posts) and it's still useful.