Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thoughts on College Football: Week Four

Better late than never, that's my motto. Thoughts on Week 4:

Louisville 38 - Kansas State 29
Wow, this game was a week ago, and not very memorable. The rest of the Big 12 seems to have caught up to and passed the Wildcats, as a previously moribund Louisville offense was able to put up a ton of points. Naturally, this came not on the arm of "star" senior QB Hunter Cantwell, but on over 300 yards rushing. I've started feeling sorry for K-State QB Josh Freeman, and not just because he goes to school in Manhattan.

Colorado 17 - West Virginia 14
I take back anything non-derogatory I've ever thought about West Virginia coach Bill Stewart. He's the worst hire in the past 5 years at any level of football, and not even the talents of Pat White and Noel Devine have been able to make up for his deficiencies.

NC State 30 - East Carolina 24
I don't know what it is, but NC State suddenly started looking like a real football team. East Carolina also provided an object lesson in the difference between a mid-major team (even the best aren't normally that great) and a BCS school-the level of competition on a weekly basis matters.

Virginia Tech 20 - North Carolina 17
Stupid quarterback injury. The Tar Heels were up
T.J. Yates was injured, and Mike Paulus, younger brother of the Duke basketball player, came in. Paulus lived up to the quality implied in his last name (i.e., he sucked).

Michigan State 23 - Notre Dammit 7
Thankfully, Notre Dame went back to losing. I was grateful.

Florida 30 - Tennessee 6
I was glad I stayed in my hotel room in Nashville to see this, as the Vol fans were mighty disappointed in this result. One said in the airport bar on Sunday that the Florida fans stopped mocking them toward the end of the game-probably because Tennessee no longer seems like a serious threat to Florida in the SEC East.

Texas 52 - Rice 10
I only caught a couple minutes of this game, and then glimpses of the rest of it was I was watching the later games. This was a clear mismatch, exactly what Longhorn fans were hoping to see.

Wake Forest 12 - Florida State 3
Florida State offense: still offensive. Not much to say about this game.

LSU 26 - Auburn 21
Auburn's offense was better than I expected-I thought their absolute max was 14, plus a defensive score, and they hit that exactly with 21 including 7 on a pick-6. If LSU had good quarterbacking, this game wouldn't have been as close as it was. As is, I'm not sure that Andrew Hatch knows where he is yet, and I still think Jarret Lee is as likely to throw the game-killing interception (see this game, 1st half) as pick up a key completion (this game, 2nd half).

Georgia 27 - Arizona State 10
Just to put this result into perspective, Arizona State had lost the previous week to UNLV. No, not to Jerry Tarkanian's basketball team. To its football team. Coached by whoever the coach is (Mike Sanford, apparently). That said, freshman WR A.J. Green looks like a real player, though most all of his damage was done in the first half.

I'll be at home this week, so the possibility exists for more interesting game watching, but the early slate of games is mostly mediocre. Three ranked matchups later in the day, headed by Alabama-Georgia, should make for a pleasant evening, though.

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