Wednesday, October 29, 2008


More links... must post more links...

The best draft classes? Again, I'm not sure I like the methodology, but it's interesting enough.

National Football Post draft analysis: the top 100 prospects, ranking the various position classes, the top 30 underclassmen, draft prospects of Ohio State, top 10 quarterbacks, and there are more I'm missing. See also RealScout's top "5" (actually 7) picks. If those are the actual top 5 picks, I'll eat my VY jersey.

Left tackles don't really make that much more than other players, even other offensive linemen.

Forbes' NFL team valuations. As the Steelers saga shows, mileage really varies.

Albert Haynesworth beat the heck out of the Vikings. See also RealScouts re same. See also Baltimore's offensive performance, with Albert in and out.

Ryan Fowler, not happy Tulloch is starting at MLB. Yes, Player Game Analysis on Tulloch is STILL coming. In the meantime, Rick Gosselin had some nice words for #55.

Another Smart Football post, a couple vignettes. The most important one is "the rise of the terrible spread team." This is often paired with a poor quarterback, but not always so. See also why Auburn's offense isn't (wasn't) Tony Franklin's spread.

A wonderful breakdown of Georgia RB Knowshon Moreno's TD run against Arizona State. If only I weren't so lazy...

Baseball columnist Tom Boswell on why the NFL has a better postseason. Yes, this is undeniably true.

Yes, I praised Dan Hawkins in my last post, but Mike Leach still beats him. I wonder if he pulled his D&D typology from Cryptonomicon.

Jerry Jones: dealmaker. Another nice piece by Andrew Brandt.

Finally, ESPN's Big 10 reporter Adam Rittenberg followed around a couple Northwestern students as they prepared for the Michigan State game. For those of us who never played beyond the backyard level, it's somewhat revealing.

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