Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thoughts on College Football: Week Nine

Another Saturday, another week of games:

West Virginia 34 - Auburn 17
Auburn's offense was bad, is bad. They scored their 2 TD's, looked pretty decent early, then reverted to their normal suckiness. Meanwhile, Noel Devine had his first really good game of the year, ripping off big chunks of yardage off a crappy SEC defense. No, I don't think any more of Bill Stewart after watching this game.

Boise State 33 - San Jose State 16
Dull game, didn't get much of out it. Boise is a better team. The game was close for a while while I was watching, but Boise still looked better and eventually proved it.

Texas Tech 63 - Kansas 21
Alas, other commitments caused me to miss the first half of this game. TTU looked really impressive from what I did see, which wasn't much considering other games on and the non-close score. Reesing kept throwing INTs, which is the thing that happens when he has to throw the ball more than 10 yards downfield. Oh, his arms also are larger than mine, though not that much.

Indiana 21 - Northwestern 19
Noting this result, primarily. Northwestern's backup QB is pretty bad. I thought the Wildcats would win this game handily; I was wrong.

Wisconsin 27 - Illinois 17
This game's result, however, did not surprise me. Playing at home, Wisconsin is a better team. Illinois is also not that great, as losing at home to Minnesota would indicate.

Nebraska 32 - Baylor 20
Baylor still has moments of competence, but they're still a little bit from a good program. I like Art Briles, he can probably get them to that level, but even a lower Nebraska team is more talented and better right now.

Texas 28 - Oklahoma State 24
Can we please get the ACC off the ESPN2 mirror game and the B12 on? I really would have enjoyed watching this game, but instead got Florida State-Virginia Tech, which I didn't really bother to watch.

Michigan State 35 - Michigan 21
I have no idea how Michigan scored 21 points, because when I watched this game (admittedly, not that much), they didn't look like they'd score 21 points if they played UM 3 times.

Georgia 52 - LSU 38
Most college announcers are annoying yappers, blathering on about heart, intensity, desire, etc. Then there's Gary Danielson, Jedi Master. He was almost completely ON this game. He called a play about 8 times, including two Georgia TD's, and was right every single time. He points out good blocks after the first look, bad angles taken by defensive players. Frankly, he made almost every other announcer, NFL and college, look like the abject idiot schlub they are. After he called the second TD, Verne Lundquist asked him something along the lines of if he was tired of showing up other announcers.

Oh, I suppose I should say something about the actual game. Danielson's love for QBs rivals Jaworski's at times, but Stafford looked pretty good. Moreno reminded me why I love him so. LSU doesn't have much of a QB, and their pass D really isn't that good-they do miss both CBs a lot, but I like their rushing game, particularly Charles Scott.

Missouri 58 - Colorado 0
Ha ha, Colorado is bad. Daniel started by completing his first 13 passes, by which point it was 21-0 and the game was over.

Alabama 29 - Tennessee 9
The Vols suddenly did not morph into a decent team for this game. Alabama did not suddenly start being Tennessee-type terrible. Didn't see much of this game, because there wasn't much worth paying attention to.

Penn State 13 - Ohio State 6
I did see a lot of this game, which wasn't too dissimilar from what I thought. I thought both teams would have a little more success offensively, but not a lot more. tOSU found it really hard to move the ball-they simply don't have WRs like Holmes and Ginn who could stretch the defenses, and Pryor's not good enough at throwing the ball to do it without that. The offensive line also wasn't able to do a lot to create holes for Wells. PSU's overall team speed also caught Pryor much faster than did MSU's when he tried to run with the ball on his own. PSU-eh, didn't pay a huge amount of attention. The TD came off a Pryor fumble, but that still counts. PSU also made it into FG territory three times, more than the Buckeyes did. This was my first extended look at Nittany Lion QB Daryl Clark, and I wasn't particularly impressed with him. Sure, he's better than Morelli, but the offense is driven by the running game, same as the Buckeyes.

USC 17 - Arizona 10 (in progress, 4Q 15:00)
I don't understand why USC isn't dominating this game, given how laughably bad Arizona is, particularly when they try to pass. I blame QB Mark Sanchez, mostly.

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