Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thoughts on College Football: Week Seven

Another week of college football is almost over, so it's time to talk about what I've seen.

Wake Forest 12 - Clemson 7
There are these games where I watch them, I don't pay much attention to what I'm seeing, and, the game having ended, I have little idea of what I've seen. And so it was with this game. Clemson QB Cullen Harper played poorly, that much I remember for sure. Wake sputtered offensively most of the game. Games like this are part of why I started doing this little project, so I had more of a record and an idea of what I'd seen, but it doesn't solve this problem.

Texas 45 - Oklahoma 35
I admit it, I was wrong. Boomer Sooner let me down. Bradford, I thought, played pretty well, but was betrayed by his teammates. Phil Loadholt absolutely doesn't have the feet to play LT at the NFL level, and probably not RT either-he looks like a guard to me. Oklahoma's defense didn't make enough plays. I wonder if Bob Stoops is overrated as a coach, or at least falls into the Tressel/Carr category of a great/good recruiter who actually isn't that great at football coaching. Texas... I still don't trust Mack Brown, Colt McCoy didn't have a great game, they don't have a running game, but they still did enough to win this game. Still, it wouldn't surprise me to see Boomer Sooner finish the rest of the year without any more wins and make the B12 championship game over UT.

Toledo 13 - Michigan 10
Didn't see much of this game, as I concentrated my attention on UT-OU described above, but what I saw was Toledo throwing short passes and UM's offense being non-productive. Looking at the box score, that was an accurate representation of the game as a whole.

Minnesota 27 - Illinois 20
I saw even less of this than of Michigan-Toledo, so I have nothing insightful to say, only noting that, pre-season, this is a shocking result. Last year's Rose Bowl participant losing to a 1-11 team. Note Minnesota is now bowl-eligible; that has to be this week's sign of the apocalypse.

Kansas 30 - Colorado 14
As a sign of how concentrated on OU-UT/lazy I was, I saw only about three plays from this game despite it featuring Todd Reesing.

Ohio State 16 - Purdue 3
Ohio State: defense yes, offense still doubtful. The Buckeyes' sole TD came off a blocked punt, and such drives as there were bogged down in the red zone. The game against PSU should be a good chance for the Nittany Lions to end their losing streak in Columbus as they appear to have both an offense and a defense.

North Carolina 29 - Notre Dame 24
In Jimmah we trusted, with Jimmah we busted. Two reasonably well-matched teams, though I can't help but think with a healthy T.J. Yates this game isn't as close as it was.

Georgia 24 - Tennessee 14
I don't know what it is, but Georgia this year bores me. They're good, but last year I enjoyed watching them play, but don't this year. They remind me of an NBA team-good at times, but too often seemingly disinterested.

Penn State 48 - Wisconsin 7
This game was almost as close as the score indicated. Wisconsin may still make the Outback Bowl, but they looked a long, long way from the Nittany Lions tonight in all phases of the game.

Oklahoma State 28 - Missouri 23
A game that was surprisingly close throughout, and surprisingly low-scoring in the first half. Chase Daniel ruined his Heisman campaign with a couple poor interceptions, and Zac Robinson actually looked like a legit quarterback. I'm not sure Mizzou has a very good defense, so I still doubt Robinson, but he made all the plays, and didn't make the bad plays, tonight.

Florida 51 - LSU 21
Remember when we thought LSU had a defense? Like 6 hours ago? Giving up 20 points to Auburn was somewhat of a warning sign, but credit for that could be given to Tuberville and a rivalry game closer than expected is not a surprise (except when it is, of course). Nevertheless, LSU this game looked like a team with three new starters in the secondary, including particularly both of its cornerbacks.

Oregon 14 - UCLA 0 (in progress, halftime)
A late night treat for fans of poor quarterback play, if that's your thing.

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